Football is the most played sport on the planet, with thousands of people gathering together each day for a kickabout in the park or on the streets. Among them, you will always find someone who does not want to settle for an occasional game of football but want to take it further and reach the very top. In such a case, football academies provide the most direct pathway for anyone who wants to break into professional football. Barcelona is one of the cities with the best football academies in Spain that have a mission to develop and nurture the best football talent in the country.

Choosing the best football academy for your age group can be a stepping stone to professional football career; thus, we have searched and composed a list of the best football academies in Barcelona for aspiring young football talents to join. Though, structured training sessions are vital for talent development, why not join our CeleBreak pick up football service in Barcelona for a more informal game afterwards? At CeleBreak, we provide opportunities for people who are passionate about football and want to simply enjoy the fun side of the game.


Academy no. 1: RCD Espanyol de Barcelona

RCD Espanyol Academy is one of the leading franchise in youth football that aims to export the brand and knowledge of the RCD Espanyol of Barcelona at an international stage. The academy’s name is strongly identified with a successful organisational model that is based on the integral formation, professionalism, and effective working methods.

Its primary objective is to offer the young talents the possibility to improve their footballing skills, always under the supervision of qualified coaches. The academy is open for children from 4 to 15 years old who want to raise their football abilities to the next level with the help of verified methodology based on the individual development of the player. Additionally, each player will be taught and encouraged to develop core player values such as respect, sportsmanship, effort, cooperation, and discipline.

If you would like to know more about joining the RCD Espanyol Academy in Barcelona, do not hesitate to send your inquiry to the following email address:

Academy no. 2: B1 Soccer Academy

B1 Soccer Academy in Barcelona offers football talent development programs for those who aim to reach their full potential on the field. All players between the age of 10 to 23 are integrated into this program to live a full B1 experience in Barcelona, during which they will not only work on their football skills but also the academic development.

The academy’s primary objective is to develop and nurture footballers by forming them both athletically and academically, as well as introduce them to new multicultural and touristic activities that will help them develop as a person. Additionally, enhancing the player in all the individual aspects of his game, with the decision making as the core strength, is of paramount importance for the B1 Soccer philosophy.

You can join the B1 Soccer Academy by sending them a request here.

Academy no. 3: FA Barcelona Academy

The FA Barcelona Academy is a football school based close to Barcelona, which was formed by a group of professionals with many years of experience as players and coaches. The academy uses a methodological approach to training based on each player’s technique, tactical understanding, and overall game intelligence. The FA Barcelona is blessed to have some of the best industry professionals coaching and educating the young talents, with the academy’s technical staff ranging from a head-coach to chief scout.

If you would like to receive more information on how to become a playing member of the FA Barcelona Academy, please contact them using this form here.

Academy no. 4: Marcet Intelligent Football

Marcet Intelligent Football Academy in Barcelona offers all aspiring young talents the opportunity to train and develop their football skills in a unique and individualised way. At Marcet, the players’ skills are evaluated objectively and continuously, considering their strengths and weaknesses, which form the basis for designing an individual training plan for each youngster.

The academy offers a wide range of football training courses to choose from, including Intensive Summer, Christmas and Easter course and Marcet Professional Program for those who strive to become professional footballers one day, as well as Personal Nutrition and Physical Training courses. You can have a closer look at their list here.


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