Are you a recent graduate with a degree in sports and looking for work opportunities in the football industry? Pursuing your dream career can be tough, but luckily, there is more than one job sector in football that allows you to get your foot in the door. Depending on your academic qualifications, skills, and previous work experience, you are open to choose from some of the best football jobs in Barcelona.

In order to put you on the right path, we have researched and created a list of the best football jobs in Barcelona for anyone keen to be part of one of the largest football communities in Europe. Besides, Barcelona is not only famous for its professional football industry; at Celebreak, we welcome everyone who is currently resident in this gorgeous capital of Catalonia.

Job no. 1: Football Coach

There is little surprise to see football coaching on top of our list, with so many football enthusiasts dreaming of barking instructions to their players from the sidelines as a head coach. Coaching is no doubt one of the most challenging, but at the same time, the most satisfying professions out there, as you get a chance to be at the heart of the beautiful game all the time.

Perhaps there is no need to remind most of us about Barcelona’s long and rich football history. FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol are the two most famous football clubs founded over a hundred years ago, whose names are synonymous with the city itself. Pep Guardiola is undoubtedly the greatest coach ever to have been born in the city of Barcelona, who also managed the Blaugrana from 2008 to 2012. Guardiola’s footsteps are being followed by many young coaches, and you can definitely be one of them.

Speaking of job opportunities, RCD Espanyol Soccer Academy is on the lookout for aspiring youth football coaches in Barcelona. Head coach and assistant coach positions are available at a pre-academy and academy level for teams from Under 4s to Under 19s. Other Barcelona football academies that might hire youth coaches in the future include Kaptiva Sports Academy, High Performance Football Academy “Ertheo”, and Marcet Football.

Other websites where you can find football coaching opportunities include,, and

Job no. 2: Football Scout

Football is a sport that appeals to the masses and has grown exponentially in popularity in the last few decades. However, where there is good, there is bad, as spotting the best talent from thousands of kids is no easy task. Finding an unpolished diamond requires keen attention to detail, patience, and deep understanding of the game and its dynamics. This is where the football scout comes in whose job is to spot and evaluate a potential future superstar in the making.

Ariedo Braida is a former Barcelona chief scout who worked at the club for more than five years. Becoming his replacement is a dream of many emerging young scouts, thus gaining the necessary experience at academy level can prove to be a stepping stone in the right direction. Kaptiva Sports Academy, High Performance Football Academy “Ertheo”, and Marcet Football are the three top football academies in Barcelona who are always open to applications from eager football scouts.

Other websites where you can find football scouting opportunities include,, and

Job no. 3: Football Analyst

The increased complexity of the game has opened many opportunities to people of various football backgrounds, including performance analysts. Although analysis – as a football sphere – has come to the fore only in the last decade or so, the demand to have at least a couple of analysts supporting the coaching staff is higher than ever.

In a nutshell, a team’s analyst job involves gathering tactical and statistical information about the opposing team, which is then presented in the form of pre and post-match reports. On matchdays, the main tasks include filming and coding the key tactical moments of the game that can be reported to the coaching staff during the half-time. RCD Espanyol first team and RCD Espanyol Soccer Academy might be on the lookout for talented performance or video analysts who would like to challenge themselves in a competitive high performance environment.

Other job opportunities in football performance analysis can be found on the following websites:,, and

Job no. 4: Football Journalist

The mainstream media and football are the two inseparable components that simply would not exist without each other. Journalism, in general, is a highly competitive job field where being opinionated and having the understanding of the game, as well as the technical writing and reporting skills, are necessary if you want your voice to be heard.

Depending on your field, you will be writing about and reporting on the games, as well as interviewing coaches and players, and providing live in-game commentary. In general, football journalists working in the print media provide the readers with detailed previews of the upcoming matches and post-game reports. Additionally, broadcast football journalists are responsible for providing real-time reporting and commentary of a match for either television or radio.

Mundo Deportivo is a leading Spanish football news website in Barcelona that is always on the lookout for talented football writers and journalists. The website has a full English version, meaning there is the possibility to be part of their English football content department. Other websites that occasionally advertise football journalism or writing jobs in Barcelona include,, and


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