Do you aspire to become a football coach one day? Or perhaps you are already involved in football coaching in some capacity but want to further enhance your qualifications and coaching knowledge, as well as expand your network and build new football relationships? In this case, we have some exciting news for you! Barcelona is a truly football-crazy city that offers plenty of opportunities for football professionals to get their foot in the door, including football coaches. There are some quality football coaching courses in Barcelona that aim to train and improve coaches’ ability to get the best out of their players.

For this reason, we have researched and comprised a list of the best football coaching courses in Barcelona for anyone who lives in the capital of Catalunya and wants to start their coaching career. Besides, you can always join our CeleBreak community in Barcelona if you fancy having a kick around in your spare time.

Course no. 1: Coaches Training – RCD Espanyol

RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy understands the importance of developing and updating the football coaching knowledge and thus decided to give the opportunity to deepen that knowledge and to get into awareness of coaching through their club. To put it simply, RCD Espanyol offer the coaches training opportunity for all coaches who want to identify and follow the know-how philosophy.

The content of the RCD Espanyol training proposal consists of six core teaching modules: Structure and Operation of Youth Academy, Youth Academy Training Methodology, Programming Physical Preparation in Grassroots Football, Specific Training for Goalkeepers, Psychological Preparation for Competition, and Video Analysis. Every module is aimed at coaches who want to expand their knowledge of how to work at the youth academy. For more information, you can contact RCD Espanyol academy by sending an email to

Course no. 2: Barca Coach Academy – Introductory Level

The Introductory Level Barca Coaching Program uses the methodological approach created and developed within the FC Barcelona. The approach itself is based on the models that have revolutionised the way coaches understand the dynamics of team sports and the paradigm of contemporary sports practice.

The main purpose of this program is to introduce coaches to the key components of FC Barcelona’s game idea, which is the core foundation of their playing style. Consequently, it aims to share and develop the process through which FC Barcelona create the practical applications that lead to the model of play which a coach wants to implement.

The course comprises three core modules of The Basics of Our Style of Play, What to Train, and How to Train It. It delves deep into the science behind Barca’s playing philosophy, including the elements and the defining concepts of Barca’s football. The Introductory Level Barca Course takes three months to complete and is delivered online. The course fee is €625.

Course no. 3: Master in High Performance Football

The Master in High-Performance Football teaches its students about comprehensive and complete coaching methods with a preference for the tactical aspects of the game. In more detail, you will be taught how to select and apply the most adequate strategies, methods, and technologies for the improvement of training processes in high-performance football, as well as analyse and optimise the players’ skills in real matches.

The course is divided into seven different modules: Football Studies, The Player, Football as a Team Game, Football Methodology, Scouting, Game Model, and Other Activities. The large part of the course will be spent studying online through virtual classes with MBP teachers and recorded webinars; however, at the end of the eight-month-long programme, each student will have the opportunity to travel to Barcelona and experience the face-to-face sessions and gain some practical competencies.

Course no. 4: Master in Professional Football

The Master in Professional Football is designed to train coaches in the knowledge of the game by interpreting collective behaviours within a team and game situations, as well as to detect action systems related to different methodologies, processes, and interventions. Most importantly, a coach will learn about all the offensive and defensive individual behaviours players must perform on the pitch depending on their position.

The program consists of eight core modules which you will undertake during a nine-month course. It includes Introduction to the Game, Contextualization, Exposure of Individual Offensive and Defensive Behaviours, The Game Model, Teaching Forms, Active Methodology, and the Final Project of Practice-Oriented Course. At the end of the course, each student will have the opportunity to complete a voluntary internship at RCD Espanyol or a club’s academy. The course fee is €4.995.


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