Do you watch your favourite team’s performance and wonder how cool it would be to be part of such a professional sports setting? In this case, you should consider applying for sports academic courses in Barcelona that are becoming one of the fastest-growing academic disciplines. Barcelona is undoubtedly a place where you can turn your dream into reality, as a football-mad city offers plenty of opportunities to acquire a higher education diploma in sports and football in particular.

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Course no. 1: Master in Football Business

The Master in Football Business is a worldwide recognised study programme delivered in partnership with FC Barcelona. Its main distinguishable characteristic refers to the management model that is based exclusively on the methodology of FC Barcelona. The key objective of this course is to educate future professionals with in-depth and up-to-date knowledge and insights from the business industry. This programme will provide students with the analytical tools to assess the core theories of the behaviour of the football business.

Over the course of nine months, students will delve into a number of academic modules, including Introduction to the Football Business, History and Politics of Football, Football Governance, Football Sociology and CSR, The Management of a Football Club, Football Finances, Innovation in Football, Football and Media, Marketing, Sponsorship and Fan Engagement, and FC Barcelona Business and Operations. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to go on occasional field trips to further expand their classroom knowledge.

Following the completion of studies, the graduates will enter the sports business job market with plenty of career opportunities in football club governing bodies, community-based football, football consultancy, football journalism, football marketing and sponsorship. The total course fee is 18.470€.

Institution: Johan Cruyff Institute

Programme Title: Master in Football Business

Duration: 9 months

Study Language: English

Degree Awarded: Master in Business

Course Fee: 18.470€

Course no. 2: Professional Master in Football

The Professional Master in Football is an innovative academic course taught at the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia and is aimed at football coaches, sports scientists and anyone who want to deepen their knowledge of professional football. The key objective of this master course is to train future football professionals to interpret training from a systematic point of view and analyse the aspects that have an impact on the optimisation of performance and training of the player and team.

The course content consists of six core modules: The FC Barcelona Training Methodology, Player Training With a Focus on Complexity, Understanding the Game and Its Application Through Training Tasks, Conceptualisation of Football, Optimisation of the Conditioning Structure, and Optimisation of the Training Process and Human Resource Management. After graduation, students will be qualified to work as football coaches and performance specialists. The full price of the course is 10.470€.

Institution: National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia

Programme Title: Professional Master in Football

Duration: 2 years (60 ECTS)

Study Language: Spanish

Degree Awarded: Master in Football

Course Fee: 10.470€

Course no. 3: Online Master in High Performance Football

The Online Master in High-Performance Football teaches its students about comprehensive and complete coaching methods with a preference on the tactical aspects of the game. In more detail, you will be taught how to select and apply the most adequate strategies, methods, and technologies for the improvement of training processes in high-performance football, as well as analyse and optimise the players’ skills in real matches.

The course is divided into seven different modules: Football Studies, The Player, Football as a Team Game, Football Methodology, Scouting, Game Model, and Other Activities. The large part of the course will be spent studying online through virtual classes with MBP teachers and recorded webinars; however, at the end of the eight-month-long programme, each student will have the opportunity to travel to Barcelona and experience the face-to-face sessions and gain some practical competencies.

Institution: MBP School of Coaches

Programme Title: Online Master in High Performance Football

Duration: 8 months

Study Language: English

Degree Awarded: Master in Football

Course Fee: Not available

Course no. 4: MBA – Sports Management

The MBA – Sport Management course in Barcelona is an interdisciplinary master programme designed to teach future professionals in areas such as; sports management and marketing and sports advertising and relations. During the course of 12 months, students will delve deep into the world of sports management through interactive and methodologically stimulating sessions, which will develop their understanding of the complexity involved in major sports events.

The programme content is divided into three terms in which you will learn about sports management skills, marketing, finance, global sports economics, sports marketing management, and sports sponsorship. After the completion of the master course, graduates will be open for dynamic and diverse job opportunities in the world of sports, ranging from managing sports events and corporations, recruiting and marketing promotions, sports media, and recruiting. The course fee is just over 20.000€.

Institution: EU Business School Barcelona

Programme Title: MBA- Sports Management

Duration: 12 months (90 ECTS)

Study Language: English

Degree Awarded: Master in Sports Management

Course Fee: 20.500€


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