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Soccer Attire: What Are the Must Haves

Soccer Attire: What Are the Must Haves

Soccer is, for some, a sport and, for others, a profession. But regardless of how you approach it, there are some elements that play a crucial role in the performance and safety of every player: Soccer attire.

As a soccer lover or someone starting in this sport, you may have wondered about the appropriate clothing to practice it. 

From the choice of jerseys to the selection of shin guards and shoes, each component of soccer clothing has its purpose and importance. 

The essential elements of football attire


Soccer jerseys are designed to allow free and comfortable movement, as in other sports, such as basketball or rugby. 

However, in soccer, jerseys tend to be lighter and made of moisture-wicking materials due to the constant and aerobic nature of the sport.


Unlike those used in sports such as cycling, Soccer shorts are not tight to the body but looser to allow complete freedom of movement. 

Also, they don’t have the same amount of padding as those used in contact sports like football.


Long soccer socks serve two purposes: to protect the shin guards and to provide a certain level of compression for the calf muscles.

This is unlike sports like basketball, where the socks are primarily for short statures and is intended to improve the shoe’s grip.

shin guards

Shin guards are an essential part of soccer clothing, intended to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of a player’s body. 

Unlike other sports, such as baseball or basketball, soccer involves more physical contact at the leg level.


A good pair of soccer shoes can make a big difference in a player’s performance. 

Here you should include templates designed for the type of footprint if needed.

Unlike other sports, soccer cleats are specifically designed to provide traction on different pitches, whether grass, dirt, or artificial.

Soccer attire according to the weather

Cold weather clothing

You should consider wearing thermal clothing under your regular uniform for colder climates. 

Unlike indoor sports such as volleyball or basketball, soccer players are often exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Soccer clothing for hot weather

When playing in hot weather, it’s essential to choose lightweight and breathable clothing to avoid overexposure to heat. 

In this case, soccer clothing is similar to tennis clothing, where maximum comfort and sweat management are sought.

The importance of the material in soccer clothing


Most soccer apparel is made from polyester because of its durability, ability to resist wrinkles and high resistance to most chemicals. 

Unlike cotton, commonly used in less aerobic sports like golf, polyester also has moisture-wicking properties that help keep the player dry.


Spandex is another material commonly used in soccer apparel. 

It is used primarily in tights and tights to provide a certain level of compression, something not seen in sports like baseball.

How to choose the right soccer outfit

Choose the correct size.

Like in any other sport, choosing the right size is crucial for comfort and performance. 

Clothes that are too big can limit your movement, while clothes that are too tight can be restrictive and cause discomfort.

Don’t Forget Protection

Soccer is a contact sport, and while it may not be as physical as American football or rugby, protection is still necessary. 

Don’t forget to wear shin guards and, if possible, consider wearing clothing with extra padding in critical areas.

The importance of soccer shoes

A good pair of soccer shoes can improve a player’s performance on the field.

A podiatrist must carry out a study of your footprint to see if you need to use templates.

Be sure to choose shoes designed for the type of surface you play on most often.

Frequently asked questions about soccer attire

Is it necessary to wear soccer-specific clothing if I only play recreationally?

Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Soccer clothing is designed to allow greater mobility and protection. Additionally, soccer cleats provide adequate traction than regular shoes may not offer.

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s soccer clothing?

Although the basic design is the same, soccer clothing for women can have certain modifications to fit the female body shape better. However, both types of clothing have the same functionality.

How can I choose the correct soccer shoe size?

As with any shoe, it’s essential to try on your shoes before you buy them. Find a pair that fits well but isn’t too tight. There should be a bit of space between your toes and the toe of the shoe to allow for natural foot movement.

Is it necessary to wear special sports underwear under the football uniform?

Although not required, sports underwear can provide additional support and improve comfort during play. Opt for sports underwear made of moisture-wicking materials to keep you dry during the game.


Soccer clothing can vary depending on the weather, the position in which you play, and your personal preferences. 

However, the main goal should always be comfort and protection. 

Just like in other sports, the proper clothing can make a big difference in your performance and enjoyment of the game. 

So now you know, the next time you shop for soccer clothing, remember these tips to make the best choice.

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