We are crowdfunding!

Own a part of CeleBreak


We are crowdfunding!

Own a part of CeleBreak

Benefits that build real teams

CeleBreak offers benefits that bring human connection, sports and amazing football experiences in a unique way!

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How it works?

We have many plans depending on the type of company, which include

CeleBreak Credits
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You can give credits to your team, so they can freely join games of their preference.
Monthly Subscription
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Your employees can play unlimited games.
Internal Tournaments and Leagues
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Team building competitions within your company to improve team connection.
Inter-company tournaments
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Compete against other companies on the field, build your team and challenge a wide range of rivals. Take advantage of these great networking sessions.



It's easy to use since we have different options that adapt easily to your company. You won't have to worry about a thing other than simply adding it to your current company benefits.


Your company is original, so the benefits you offer should be that way too. Set yourself apart from competitors by offering football to your employees.


Your team will meet people from other departments, or even from other companies, enhancing internal and external networking.


Sports are healthy. We already spend tons of hours sitting at the office, now it's time to move. What better way than by playing football?

Team Building

Football is a team sport! It boosts camaraderie outside of the office, helping your team stay united.


Your employees will feel like part of the team...Football is passion! Our games are events that create and help strengthen communities.

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What people say about us

“The tournament greatly motivated the teammates, generated connections, leadership and friendships. I highlight the predisposition and organization of CeleBreak, always attentive. I recommend them because they solve the problem of organizing so many people.”

Alejo Lavesari, Papernest

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CeleBreak plays men’s football, women’s football, and mixed football, on artificial turf, natural turf, and indoor fields. You can join our games individually or with friends.

Don’t worry about anything other than getting to the field ready to play. A CeleBreak host will welcome you and provide balls, bibs, and will take care of giving you the best experience.