We are crowdfunding!

Own a part of CeleBreak


We are crowdfunding!

Own a part of CeleBreak


In all of the cities where we currently organize games, we play every single day at different fields and times, though most games (field, day, and time) tend to be somewhat fixed. Our earliest games can be as early as 8 or 9am, and our last games usually start around 9, or sometimes even 10pm, so there’s always a game available to join!

We organize all different types of games. Everything from 5v5, 7v7, 8v8, 9v9, to 11v11, and even indoor Futsal games. You can choose the style of game that you like most and join at the time that suits you best!

We pride ourselves on organizing games that are open to players of all skill levels. We believe that football is better shared, regardless of the level of play, and that’s why we encourage beginners and pros alike to join our games, play football, and meet and connect with great new people from the CeleBreak community!

In essence, all CeleBreak games are co-ed since all of our games are open to absolutely everyone regardless of gender or skill level.

Here’s what you could expect from the different games we organize:

  • Regular session (open for everyone, both men and women)
  • Mixed (session especially for mixed football) 👨 👩
  • Women’s (session especially for women) 👩

Yes, absolutely! We organize games that are exclusively for women about 1-2 times per week in different fields depending on the city. The games can be identified in the app in the match description as well as being identified with the following emoji: 👩

Depending on the city where you may be located, the cost of games can vary a bit. Typically the cost can range from €4.99 – €7.99. We always try to keep the prices as fair and as low as possible while including as much as possible…aside from their spot in the game and pitch rental, players also have included 2x high-quality balls, bibs, access to changing rooms and showers (if and when available), and an official CeleBreak Match Host who will make sure everything runs smoothly!

Included in the price of the games players not only secure their spot, but also have included the field rental, 2x high quality balls per game, bibs to identify the teams, access to the changing rooms and showers (so long as they are available), and a CeleBreak Match Host who will greet everyone upon arrival, help set up teams and explain the rules of the game, and make sure that we start on time and play the full game while helping to regulate the game as much as possible.

Absolutely not! With any athletic shoes you are good to go! Since all of the fields that we play on are either synthetic grass, or futsal pitches, players don’t need any special equipment to join or play! If you have football boots, you are more than welcome to use them, just remember NO METAL CLEATS! The last thing anyone wants is for a player to get hurt during a game! Other than this, any other equipment you choose to take is optional.

CeleBreak provides high quality bibs during the game to differentiate the teams during our games, however, if players can help by taking a white / light colored and a black / dark colored shirt to the games, this helps a lot, but it isn’t a requirement by any means!

Unfortunately for security reasons, we don’t accept any cash payments. It isn’t that we don’t want you to be able to play, but we don’t want to compromise anyone by having cash on hand during our games. The focus should be on the game and having fun!

All payments need to be done through the app either with a debit or credit card, or using Game Credits. This is so that everyone can see who is signed up and we know whose participation is confirmed and avoid last minute cancellations and incomplete games since this lowers the experience for everyone who attends.

To cancel your spot in a game where you are signed up to, simply go to the game in the app and click on the upper right-hand corner of your screen where it says REMOVE. Once there, carefully remove any invited guests you may have added to the game, and then select your name.

Players who cancel their spot 15 hours or more from the starting time shown in the app will receive a full refund of credits to their app accounts which can be used toward a future game. It is important to note that if players cancel with less than 15 hours of anticipation before the start of the game where they are signed up, no refunds will be issued and the credits will be forfeited.

Players can switch games so long as they do so with 15 hours of anticipation before the starting time of the match where they are currently signed up to.

You will have to cancel your spot in the game that you are in with 15 hours or more anticipation to receive a full refund of credits to your app account. The refunded credits can then be used to sign up to another game of your choice.

Players must cancel their spot 15 hours or more before the starting time of the game where they are signed up in order to get a full automatic refund of game credits to their app account. Those credits can then be used toward any other game at any time since they don’t expire.

If players can’t attend and cancel their spot less than 15 hours before the start of the game where they are signed up, they will lose their credits and a refund will not be possible. We do this exclusively in an attempt to keep games as full as possible and avoid last minute cancellations and ensuring the best experience possible for everyone who attends!

If a match happens to be canceled (which rarely happens) due to a lack of players, change in field availability, or circumstances out of our control, all players signed up will be automatically refunded the full amount of credits to their app accounts that can be used toward another game.

Payments made through the CeleBreak app, in compliance with local laws, uses a 3rd party payment processor, and so any and all refunds are always done exclusively in the form of credits to players’ app accounts. Unfortunately refunds cannot be processed to the bank account or card used to complete the payment.

At the moment we are only offering a Monthly Subscription in Málaga, Spain. This is the first city where we have begun offering this type of service and hope to be able to bring it to all of the cities where we organize and play football. We recognize the demand from our community and promise that we’re working on bringing this to all players, everywhere!

In the meantime, if you aren’t in Málaga but still want a better deal, you can check out our great Game Credit Packs and take advantage of Free Bonus Credits with your purchase… Pay less, Play more! #PlayFootballEveryday

Nothing would make us happier than for you to bring some friends to play along. In the app once you find the game you want to join, you can click “ADD FRIEND” and there invite all of your friends through the app and complete the payment for them and yourself.

If you have a big enough group and are thinking of playing a private game, we can also help you with that. You can take a moment to fill out this quick form and our team will get in touch with you!

Just like the pros, we play rain or shine. CeleBreak games don’t typically get canceled due to bad weather or rain since all the fields where we organize games have great drainage systems and so unless the field happens to be flooded, we still play!

The only time that we cancel games due to bad weather is if the field becomes waterlogged / flooded, or if there is lightning nearby for safety reasons. Our City Management teams always closely monitor the weather conditions and we always try to confirm (or cancel) games with as much anticipation as possible.

ZERO TOLERANCE, and we mean it! We work very hard to create a fun and friendly community and atmosphere during our games so that everyone has a great time, and more importantly so that everyone stays safe!

If CeleBreak receives reports about players who are aggressive, disrespectful (to other players or to Match Hosts), or players who make unnecessarily aggressive plays, a Formal Warning will be sent!

If players continue to cause problems, CeleBreak will suspend the account for 15-90 days depending on the severity of the situation.

After a suspension, there is no turning back. One more problem and players will be PERMANENTLY BANNED.

If anyone fights, threatens, or insinuates violence in any way, you can forget about the other steps. You will be permanently banned and will no longer be able to join and play in CeleBreak games.

At the moment CeleBreak games are for everyone 18+ years of age. We ask that everyone who participates in our games be 18+ years old only to ensure everyone’s safety while making sure that all of the experiences we provide are as fun as possible!

In the future we hope to begin organizing friendly football games for minors in special CeleBreak sessions. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Celebreakfootball to stay updated on all things CeleBreak!