Football is one of the most if not the most popular extracurricular activities in the world. It is played by millions of enthusiasts every single day, some of whom have a dream of becoming a professional footballer and playing for the best teams in Europe. One of the most direct pathways to become a professional player is to join the football academy from an early age, and Spain’s capital city of Madrid is the perfect place to find one. Finding the best academy that would suit your needs has to be a well thought out job; therefore, we have searched and composed a list of the best football academies in Madrid for aspiring young football talents to join.

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Academy no. 1: Madrid International Football Academy

Madrid International Football Academy has launched an ambitious project for the strategic development of young talents as part of Getafe C.F. football network. The project is based on an exclusive methodology which is adapted to the individual needs of the players, facilitating their developmental stage, and helping them to reach the maximum potential. The academy is equipped with the best technical and human resources to provide players with a unique and unforgettable journey to the top.

The academy offers high-quality services, including performance assessment, prevention of injury and muscle reinforcement, nutritional plans, and the most important one – world-class training sessions. Speaking of training, all the academy players will train under the methodology of Getafe C.F., thus facilitating the transitional period from one age group to another. In addition to training sessions, the young talents will play official matches against First and Second Division Youth Academies during the calendar year, where they will get a chance to showcase their abilities to coaches and receive potential recruitment from professional clubs.

If you want to join the Madrid International Football Academy, you will have to go through the admission process, which you can read more about it here.

Academy no. 2: Elite Football Academy Madrid

Kaptiva Sports Academy Madrid or Elite Football Academy Madrid offers the perfect environment to develop your football skills as well as personal qualities to become an elite player. Talent, hard work and the best training conditions available are the three prerequisites needed to enter the professional world of football, and the Kaptiva Academy is happy to guide and lead every young talent in their journey to the top.

A fully integrated ten-month-long program is aimed at footballers from around the world, aged 14 to 17. The intense training sessions focus on developing players’ individual and collective skills such as the technical and tactical side of the game, as well as cohesiveness, teamwork, and dedication. Additional tools, including masterclasses, video analysis, and progress reports further facilitate and enhance a complete player development process.

The academy offers four different program packages, ranging from a week-long to ten-month-long training camps. The program fees start from 999 per player, but make sure to take a closer look at the pricing catalogue here.

Academy no. 3: Intersoccer Football Academy Madrid

Intersoccer is a private football academy in Madrid with an organisation similar to a football club. Over the years, the academy has obtained the name for being one of the best in providing a successful transitional pathway to professional football clubs. Its methodological approach to training and growth, adding a multitude of team categories where players can fit in depending on their age and playing level, provides students with the necessary tools to generate a development path for reaching the professional level.

Intersoccer academy emphasises all the aspects that are considered to be important for a continuous improvement of the players. The focus areas include technical, tactical, physical, and psychological preparation, with increased emphasis on the theoretical learning of the game, helping the player to unlock an intelligent side of his game that will allow making the most of his potential. All of this would be impossible for the player to achieve without professional staff, ranging from Sports Director, UEFA Pro Coaches, fitness coach, goalkeeper coach, physiotherapist, nutritionist, and sports psychologist.

The academy offers five different training programs, from a full PRO course to try-out sessions in Madrid. You can find in-depth information about them here.

Academy no. 4: Madrid Euro Soccer Academy

Madrid Euro Soccer Academy was founded to provide individualised and collective training and development opportunities for high-level players and teams. Their mission is to help young players fulfil their potential and eventually get their foot in the door of a professional football club by establishing network connections with the other top academies in Spain and the rest of Europe.

The academy follows a player-centred approach where everything is about identifying, progressing, and elevating the skillset, mindset, and potential of the player. In the past, players who have come through the ranks of Madrid Euro Soccer Academy had a chance to train and develop their talents at Europe’s elite clubs such as Real Madrid. Additionally, some of the top academy talents have signed professional contracts with the clubs in Spain, making it one of the best football academies in Madrid.

Madrid Euro Soccer Academy has developed three sets of program services, focusing on long-term, short-term, and other 360-degree development. You can read more about it here.


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