Do you have a degree in sports and looking to break into the world of football? The football job market is extremely competitive these days, but there is always something on offer for the right candidate with the right qualifications, skills, and experience. Depending on your education and prior work experience, you might want to consider a list of the best football jobs in Madrid that would fit with your professional profile.

In order to put you on the right path, we have compiled such a list, containing the best football jobs in Madrid for recent graduates or more experienced football professionals currently living in the capital city of Spain or planning to move there if the right opportunity comes around. Besides, you can also become part of our CeleBreak football network in Madrid once you land your dream football job in the capital of Spain.

Job no. 1: Football Coach

Coaching is often regarded as the pinnacle of football career after retirement as a player. Many former footballers choose to pursue a coaching path, with some of the greatest players ever to grace the pitch also becoming great coaches.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of examples when a football coach has never kicked the ball professionally before but had his name written in the history books, for instance, Rafael Benitez or Jose Mourinho. The even better news is that both of them were once the head coaches of Real Madrid, which shows that anything is possible even if you are not one of the ex-football players.

Perhaps there is little to add when we talk about football in Madrid – the place with one of the richest football histories in Europe. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are undoubtedly the two biggest clubs in town; however, for the less experienced coaches, there are plenty of football organisations in Madrid where you can also get your foot in the door. Madrid International Football Academy, Kaptiva Sports Academy, and Madrid Euro Soccer Academy are always on the lookout for aspiring football coaches based in Madrid.

Other websites where you can find football coaching opportunities include,, and

Job no. 2: Football Scout

With so many kids playing football these days, finding the best talent requires keen attention to detail and many hours of video analysis. Nowadays, football clubs’ success greatly depends on their recruitment department and thus scouting has become the second leading sphere after coaching. A football scout job involves assessing a player in terms of his playing attributes, breaking them down into key strengths and weaknesses.

Juni Calafat is currently a chief scout of Real Madrid who has been responsible for bringing some of the world’s hottest young prospects to the Santiago Bernabeu. With names such as Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo, Martin Odegaard, and Fede Valverde on his CV, Calafat is one of the most sought-after football scouts in the market.

Obviously, you do not become a world-class football scout overnight, thus gaining experience at a lower level clubs or academies is always a good start. AD Alcorcon, Rayo Majadahonda, Internacional de Madrid, CF Fuenlabrada, Rayo Vallecano, CD Leganes are some of the lower-tier clubs who might consider your candidacy for a football scout position. Madrid International Football Academy, Kaptiva Sports Academy, and Madrid Euro Soccer Academy are the best-renowned football academies in Madrid that might also take you on board, assuming you have the required skills and experience.

Other websites where you can find football scouting opportunities include,, and

Job no. 3: Football Analyst

With the evolution of the modern game, tactical analysis has become an integral part of every team’s match routine, as clubs seek to find ways how to hurt the opposition. Although football performance analysis is a fairly recent phenomenon, more and more clubs hire these professionals who provide insightful pre and post-match analyses for the coaching department.

As outlined previously, there are plenty of football clubs in Madrid who could potentially take you on board as a football performance analyst. Some of the clubs from lower Spanish divisions include AD Alcorcon, Rayo Majadahonda, Internacional de Madrid, CF Fuenlabrada, Rayo Vallecano, CD Leganes. Additionally, more and more academies are also hiring performance analysts to monitor the development of youth players; therefore, it is a good idea to get in touch with some of the leading football academies in Madrid, such as Madrid International Football Academy, Kaptiva Sports Academy, and Madrid Euro Soccer Academy.

Other job opportunities in football analysis can be found on the following websites:,, and

Job no. 4: Football Journalist

Football is inconceivable without the mainstream media these days, making journalism one of the most sought-after professions in the industry. As a football journalist, you have to be opinionated about the top stories from around the world of football, as well as possess excellent writing and reporting skills.

Football journalists can be diverse and feature across multiple media channels, including print, the internet, and television broadcasting. Your job can involve writing about and reporting on the games, as well as producing long-read articles on managers, players, transfers, and club matters. Speaking of broadcasting, football journalists tend to provide real-time reporting from match venues or work as a commentator for TV channel or radio.

MARCA is a leading Spanish football news website – headquartered in Madrid – that is constantly on the lookout for talented football writers and journalists. The website has a full English version which makes it accessible to non-Spanish speakers and increases your chances of getting hired if your Spanish fluency has not reached the required level just yet. Diario AS is another Spanish football news outlet that has a vast following in English and is headquartered in Madrid.


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