Often when we think about cities like Madrid, we think of the famous Real Madrid football club, the stunning Santiago Bernabeu stadium, the exceptional art galleries, the vibrant beach resorts, and the beautiful town architecture. There is no denying that the capital of Spain is one of the best places in Europe to live a vibrant and exciting life, but we should not forget about its exceptional education system as Madrid is home to some of the best universities in the country.

Years of educational history have brought broad social recognition to the city and beyond, making Madrid one of the best choices for anyone looking to acquire higher education. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities presented in front of you, below we provide you with a list of the best universities in Madrid.

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Autonomous University of Madrid

Founded in 1968 by the Spanish Government, the Autonomous University of Madrid is a public institution of higher education with a reputation of excellence in research and academia. Situated on a rural campus connected to Madrid, AUM is considered one of the best higher education institutions in Spain. As of 2021, the university is ranked the second-best in Spain, only behind the University of Barcelona, and currently features among the 200 best universities in the world.

The university is composed of two campuses: the Faculty of Medicine, which is located close to Madrid’s La Paz Hospital, and the Cantoblanco Campus, the central campus of AUM that houses most of the university’s teaching facilities and is located nearby the towns of Alcobendas and Tres Cantos. The two main campuses are further divided into eight faculties, each of which has a separate department for their field of study.

The AUM offers a great variety of study disciplines, ranging from Arts and Humanities to Computer Science and Sport Science. The university is also renowned for its doctorate courses, offering over 90 different PhD programs.

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Complutense University of Madrid

One of the oldest universities in the world, the Complutense University of Madrid has roots that date back to the 13th century but was officially established in 1508. Its main goal has always been to merge education, science, and culture into one, and as the largest university in Spain, with over 86 thousand students attending each year, the UCM has a reputation of being one of the best in the country. According to the QS University World Rankings, the Complutense University of Madrid is the third best university in Spain and is also among 250 best higher education institutions in the world.

The university is located on a campus that occupies the entire district of the Ciudad Universitaria and is divided into a number of faculties, including Media and Communication, Teaching and Learning, Computer Science, Art and Humanities, Geography, and Veterinary Medicine. Every faculty is a home to different departments with their own areas of academic expertise. Besides, the university comprises specialist schools that place major emphasis on medicine and legal studies.

The UCM offers a wide range of courses in almost every field of study. Officially, there are over 300 study programs, including 69 bachelor’s, 158 master’s, and 59 PhD courses. Social and Law studies, Health Sciences, and Arts and Humanities are the most popular majors among students.

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Carlos III University of Madrid

Founded under an Act of the Spanish Parliament in 1989, Carlos III University of Madrid is a public higher education institution located in the large town of Getafe. Initially, the idea was to establish a relatively small and innovative university that focuses primarily on research, but over the years, UC3M, in short, has surpassed this vision and is now one of the leading universities in business subjects. It is often ranked among the top 50 universities in the world in the subject of Economics and is currently the seventh-best higher education institution in Spain.

Carlos III University of Madrid comprises four campuses in Getafe, Leganes, Colmenarejo, and Madrid-Puerta de Toledo. They are further divided into the following schools: School of Law and Social Sciences, School of Humanities, Communication and Documentation, and School of Engineering. The University offers courses in Economics and Business, Engineering, Law, Communication, Social Sciences and Humanities. The UC3M’s bachelor’s degrees in Engineering have been awarded the EUR-ACE quality certificate. Furthermore, it is firmly committed to digital learning, forming part of the prestigious educational platforms edX, Miridiada X and Opencourseware.

UC3M students have the possibility to carry out internships through collaborative agreements the university has signed with different companies and organisations. Additionally, the institution has made its name through the high job placement rate of its graduates, which is 93.4%, according to the latest statistics on career placement.

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Technical University of Madrid

The Technical University of Madrid was founded in 1971 from the merging of different technical schools, although its origins date as far back as the 18th century and the reign of King Carlos the Third. Initially, the university was formed to primarily teach architecture and engineering but following its rapid growth in other academic disciplines, the UPM is now home to over 40 thousand students each year and considered one of the best universities in Madrid.

However, despite its growth, the university has retained a strong focus on technical subjects and has even established several strategic partnerships with professional businesses and other research centres. To note, the UPM is the largest technological university in Spain and currently tops the list as the best technical university in the country.

The university comprises four campuses in total, including Campus Ciudad Universitaria, Campus Madrid Ciudad, Campus Montegancedo, and Campus Sur. Each campus has a school that is home to different academic disciplines, ranging from Architecture and Sports Science to Engineering and IT. Additionally, the UPM is at the forefront of technical research, having installed its own designed solar power stations and institute for automobile research.

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