Does your passion for sports and football, in particular, keep you awake at night? Do you daydream about working for some of the biggest sports clubs and institutions in the world? Enrolling in a sports academic course can be a major step towards pursuing your dream career.

Sports courses are gradually becoming one of the leading spheres in the academic world, and Madrid undoubtedly makes the list of one of the most sport renowned cities in the world, offering some fantastic academic opportunities for all sports lovers.

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Course no. 1: International Master in Football Coaching and Management

The International Master in Football Coaching and Management at Universidad Europea is one of the leading academic courses for current professionals or anyone aiming to break into the football industry. The course is designed to cover all key areas of the football industry, including coaching, management, player performance and the technical department. It is the first professional academic programme that teaches the Spanish football methodology in English.

A nine-month-long course predominantly focuses on two areas of football: First, the technical variables, which includes training methodology, match analysis, leadership, and health. Second, football management and organisation which focuses on talent development, media work, and club branding.

The study plan includes six core modules: Modern Football Coaching, Football Technical Staff, Youth Development and Football Management, The Club Management, The Strategic Development of the Football Academy, and Sports Law. After the completion of the studies, graduates will have a chance to acquire real football experience by carrying out an internship in a company or a football club. The total price of the course is 13.800€.

Institution: Universidad Europea

Programme Title: International Master in Football Coaching and Management

Duration: 9 months (60 ECTS)

Study Language: English

Degree Awarded: Master in Football Coaching and Management

Course Fee: 13.800€

Course no. 2: Master in Global Sports Marketing

The Master in Global Sports Marketing is a highly-reputed academic course taught at La Liga Business School, located in sunny Madrid. The main focus of the programme is to provide students with the possibility to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the challenging world of sports marketing. It also aims to set students on the right track for the future growth of football marketing and business at a global scale.

Over the course of nine months, you will explore a wide range of topics, such as sports sponsorship, brand internalization, media planning and production, digital and social network environment, communication and other. As part of the nine-month-long course, students will have to complete a mandatory internship that will allow implementing the acquired theory into a challenging sports marketing practice.

The exact course modules include Introduction to Sports Industries, Marketing and Communication, Sports Marketing, Strategic Brand Management, Sponsorship, Behavioural Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Effective Global Strategy. Besides, the Global Sports Marketing course includes a number of interactive experiences and trips to the USA, India, the UK, and Germany. The course fee is set at 22.000€.

Institution: La Liga Business School

Programme Title: Master in Global Sports Marketing

Duration: 9 months (60 ECTS)

Study Language: English

Degree Awarded: Master in Sports Marketing

Course Fee: 22.000€

Course no. 3: Global Sports Management Degree

The Global Sports Management Degree issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid aims to provide students with tools to develop a broad business vision and understanding of the international sports industry. The study content is designed based on the needs of the professional sports management sector, including the management of sports facilities, sporting events and other global sports brands.

Over the course of four years, students will learn the core principles of successful sports management, which includes the historical evolution of sports business industry, sports law and optimal communication, management of human resources, people management and technical management, as well as strategic business management in the final year of the studies.

As part of a bachelor degree, students will be entitled to complete the curricular internship of a total of 450 hours at companies linked to the fields of sports management. Following the completion of studies, the graduates will enter the sports management job market with plenty of career opportunities in professional sports clubs, sports federations, and sports companies. The estimated course fee is 13.540€.

Institution: Universidad Europea de Madrid

Programme Title: Global Sports Management Degree

Duration: 4 years (240 ECTS)

Study Language: English

Degree Awarded: Bachelor in Sports Management

Course Fee: 13.540€

Course no. 4: Football Management, Methodology and Analysis

The Football Management, Methodology and Analysis master course was designed to deal with the complexity of football from a multidisciplinary and transversal perspective. As the course title implies, the key areas of focus are football management, methodology, and match analysis. Over the course of 12 months, students will study four core modules, including Specialty in Game Analysis, Management of Youth Academies and Grassroots Football Training, Sports Management, and Talent and Team Management in Football.

Upon completion of this master programme, students will possess the necessary professional excellence to pursue job positions within the technical structures of football clubs, such as football managers, technical coordinators, managers of youth academies, analysts, and talent scouts. The direct employability rate after graduating from this course within the sports industry is as high as 94% and almost 70% within professional Spanish football clubs. The total course fee is 12.000€.

Institution: La Liga Business School

Programme Title: Football Management, Methodology and Analysis

Duration: 12 months (60 ECTS)

Study Language: Spanish and English

Degree Awarded: Master in Sports

Course Fee: 12.000€

Course no. 5: Sports Law Applied to Professional Football

The Sports Law Applied to Professional Football programme from La Liga Business School focuses on the improvement of the legal training for future managers of sports clubs, predominantly football, and the expansion of La Liga Business School brand. The course structure consists of a number of different modules, such as Leading Sports Institutions, Legal Aspects Applied to Football, Conflicts Resolution, Supplementary Regulations, and New Development Areas.

After completing a 12-month long course, students will be open to numerous job opportunities in football. The main career paths are Football Specialised Law firms, Football Departments of Professional Clubs, National and International Football Federations, and other Football Organisations. The total course price is 13.900€.

Institution: La Liga Business School

Programme Title: Sports Law Applied to Professional Football

Duration: 12 months (60 ECTS)

Study Language: Spanish and English

Degree Awarded: Master in Sports

Course Fee: 13.900€


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