Most of us have embraced remote work today and cities have been catching up with plenty of places to work out of. But when you would like to work on the go, there’s no better place than a café offering good WiFi, great food, and free-flowing coffee to keep you going!

At Celebreak, we understand the diversity in tastes and preferences even as you work. So for those of you looking for laptop-friendly cafés in Madrid, we have the perfect list with a variety of places where you could unwind, relax, and get your work done without a hitch.

1. La Bicicleta Café

La Bicicleta Cafe with WiFi in Madrid
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This trendy café, first established in Malasaña, oozes a youthful energy that’s hard to match anywhere in Madrid or even beyond. The secret behind this lies in the passion exuded by the founder, Quique Arias. The former graphic designer founded this delightful little nook for bikers, remote workers, and coffee lovers in 2013 as an outlet for the things he loved most in the world.

“I wanted to unite three of my great passions: coffee, the bicycle, and coffee shops as a workspace,” says Arias. “At that time I was a graphic designer and spent many hours working in bars and coffee shops. It seemed like a great idea to create a cafeteria where you could work and that at the same time could serve as a platform to promote the world of cycling”

La Bicicleta is now catering to a dynamic and eclectic crowd from three locations across the city, with two new branches in Chamberi and Chamartin opened following the success of the original branch. La Bicicleta has a vast and attractive menu to satisfy the diverse taste buds of their clientele, but Arias recommends the sandwiches prepared with their Danish bread as a specialty to relish.


Plaza San Ildefonso 9, Malasaña

(+34) 915 32 97 42

Plaza Cataluña 2, Metro Concha Espina

(+34) 912 909 520

Calle Galileo 39, Galileo Chamberí Theater

(+34) 912 909 521

Timing: Mon – Sun (10 am – 12 am)

Tripadvisor rating: 4 (935 reviews)

2. Lamucca Organik Parriya

Credit: Lamucca Company

Walking into any Lamucca in the Spanish capital is a true experience. First established by brothers Ofelia and Alex Marin in 2008, this chain of restaurants has carved a niche for itself in Madrid’s rich gastronomical landscape. Lamucca screams authenticity from the minute you step inside. Right from the exquisite décor to the unique and attractive menu comprised of locally-sourced and organic produce, the founders keep to their identity at every turn.

Organik Parriya is Lamucca’s latest offering on the Calle de Fuencarral in the city’s Centro district. The place is wide and expansive with aesthetically pleasing interiors that make it a pleasure to work out of. The staff are especially conscious of their remote working visitors and help you find the best spot to work from.

Aside from free WiFi, Organik Parriya offers power sockets, supports long stays, and keeps you going with fine organic coffee. Be sure to check them out if you’re passing through the city!

Address: Calle de Fuencarral, 95

Phone: (+34) 915 21 00 00 (Ext 6)


Sun – Wed (12:30 pm–1 am)

Thu – Sat (12:30 pm–2 am)

Tripadvisor rating: 4 (205 reviews)

3. ACID Cafe

ACID cafe laptop-friendly spaces in Madrid
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Picture this – a neat, minimal, and cozy room, refreshing music filling up the space gently, and the smell of freshly-ground Danish coffee beans taking over your senses. If you enjoyed the thought of that, then maybe ACID Café should be the first place on your list of laptop-friendly cafés in Madrid.

Established by Argentine expat Fede Graciano just a couple of years ago, this place has quickly gained reputation and popularity as one of the best cafés in the city. Fede had previously worked as a photographer for nearly a decade, getting a first-hand look and feel of how specialty coffees were made. Deciding to use this knowledge to create his own little world of coffee only seemed like the natural next step and ACID Café came to be.

Fede’s devotion to the craft really shines through and the space is calm and clean, nothing short of perfect for the nomad worker hoping to find a peaceful corner to work out of. Perhaps this review on Tripadvisor puts it best for those of you familiar with Madrid’s food landscape, “In an area of town quickly being overtaken by fast-food tourism and fake entertainment, this place stands out. Very high-quality coffee, good breakfast, kind service, and fine surroundings.”

Address: Calle de Veronica, 7

Phone: (+34) 918 32 56 47


Mon – Wed (8:30 am – 8 pm)

Thu (8:30 am – 2 pm)

Sat & Sun (9 am – 8 pm)

Tripadvisor rating: 4 (25 reviews)

4. Cambridge Soho Club

Cambridge Soho Club Laptop-Friendly places in Madrid
Credit: Cambridge Soho Club

Cambridge Soho Club fulfills everything your heart desires if you’re among the more artistically inclined. Established in 2015, this place represents leisure and style at its best. Plush sofas dot the space enclosed by richly-decorated walls bathed in exquisite lighting and the lack of noise make this the perfect place for skype calls you’d need to make.

Not only is this a great place to work out of, but Cambridge Soho Club also shines bright in Madrid as a cultural melting pot, hosting regular events such as ‘Speak Sessions’ where participants take part in a language exchange. This cosmopolitan space also houses a theatre that conducts plays and other events regularly to entertain visitors.

Cambridge Soho Club is located on the Plaza de España, just a couple of minutes by walk from the metro station. So, if you’re in Centro, be sure to check it out!

Address: Plaza de España, 6, Second Floor

Phone: (+34) 915 478 650

Timings: Thu – Sun (6 pm – 12 am)

Tripadvisor rating: 4 (248 reviews)

5. Mür Cafe

Mur Cafe with Wifi in Madrid
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This pleasant cafe might be designed with industrial style elements, but there’s plenty to make it feel like home. A calm and cozy atmosphere, secluded tables, and a lively fireplace define comfort in the heart of the Spanish capital. Free-flowing coffee and friendly staff are on-hand to support you while you go about your work. The best part? They’re pet-friendly too!

Mür Cafe is known for its excellent brunch menu, which can leave you full through the day. If you’re looking for something lighter, their cheesecakes come highly recommended, with the Oreo and carrot cheesecakes said to be second to none. Post work, they offer a wide range of cocktails to help you unwind.

Mür Cafe is located on Plaza Christina Marcos, just a few minutes from the Ventura Rodriguez Metro Station in Centro.

Address: Plaza Cristino Martos, 2

Phone: (+34) 911 39 98 09


Wed & Thu (10 am–8 pm)

Friday (10 am – 4:30 pm)

Sat & Sun (10 am – 9 pm)

Tripadvisor rating: 4 (678 reviews)

6. Swinton and Grant

Swinton and Grant Laptop-friendly places in Madrid
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Established nearly seven years ago by Sergio Bang, Swinton and Grant is the ideal artist’s hotspot in the city. This modern space houses an art gallery, bookstore, and cafe over two spacious floors. It even serves as an impromptu co-working space, welcoming nomad workers every day!

The place is split into two with Swinton Gallery occupying the ground floor. The gallery is bathed in natural light and showcases award-winning work by a number of local and international artists. The first floor houses the Grant Bookstore offering a diverse range of books, from graphic novels and comics to books on contemporary art and artists.

Swinton and Grant is located on the Calle de Miguel Servet, just a couple of minutes on foot from the Embajadores metro station.

Address: Calle de Miguel Servet, 21

Phone: (+34) 914 49 61 28


Tue – Fri (11 am – 2:30 pm, 5 pm – 9 pm)

Sat (11 am – 2:30 pm)

Tripadvisor rating: 4 (9 reviews)

7. Delic

Delic laptop-friendly cafes in Madrid
Credit: (

Bold and beautiful, bustling at times, Delic is a great place to work out of with its charming interiors and great food. Delic was established by Elena Guereta in 1998, after working for several years in New York as an assistant to several photographers as well as a stint at the famous El Internacional. Elena had spent a lifetime around interesting and well-known artists and wanted to create a meeting point for intellectuals, free spirits, and motivated individuals looking to make their mark.

Today, Delic is just that, even as it lies nestled on the lush Plaza de la Paja. The place tends to be fairly busy during the day, but provides good seating and great food to keep you going as you work. The menu reflects Guereta’s own journey and experience of global cuisines, including dishes from around the world.

Delic is easily accessible if you’re in Centro, located just five minutes from the La Latina Metro Station.

Address: Costanilla de San Andrés, 14

Phone: (+34) 913 64 54 50


Tue – Thu (11 am – 2 am)

Fri – Sat (11 am – 2:30 am)

Sun (11 am – 12 am)

Tripadvisor rating: 4 (263 reviews)


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