Football is the king of mass sports, being played by millions all around the world, whether it be professional, amateur, or recreational level. People often fall in love with the beautiful game from a young age by kicking the ball around with their peers on the streets, but others decide to take it more seriously and sign up for football academy. Children in Malaga can be extremely grateful for the opportunities available, as this stunning city of Costa del Sol is the perfect place to find some of the best football academies in the country.

Choosing the best football academy for your age group can be a stepping stone to professional football career; thus, we have searched and composed a list of the best football academies in Malaga for aspiring young football talents to join. Although, structured training sessions are crucial for talent development, why not join our CeleBreak pick-up football service in Malaga for a more informal game afterwards? At CeleBreak, we provide opportunities for people who are passionate about football and want to simply enjoy the fun side of the game.


Academy no. 1: FC Malaga City Academy

FC Malaga City Academy is one of the two leading football academies in Malaga, offering football training sessions for talents of various age groups. From Under 17s to Senior squad, including the Women’s Team, the FC Malaga City Academy’s programmes enable talented footballers to experience the life of a professional player.

Each FC Malaga City Academy player is ensured the highest quality training service, including the world-class facilities, UEFA Pro licensed coaches, individual player analysis, tours across Spain and Europe and elite-level fixture scheduling. Additionally, the academy is also renowned for its education service, ranging from high schools to universities. It provides passionate and aspiring young footballers with the opportunity to pursue their academic dreams alongside the football pathway. For this reason, the academy has been the industry leaders for many years now, featuring a number of proven career paths to professional football, coaching opportunities, and academic world.

You can enrol on a full-time professional football programme and test yourself in the Spanish football league system for a player fee of €15.750 per year.

Academy no. 2: Malaga CF Academy

Malaga CF Academy operates as the direct pathway to the first team of Malaga Club de Fútbol, developing and nurturing the best talent Spanish football has to offer. The academy’s player development philosophy is based on the attributes of football, education, and teaching that are seen as the foundation of the talent developmental process. Besides, respect for the rival, solidarity, and sportsmanship are also the traits deeply rooted in the philosophy and methodology of Malaga CF football.

The academy comprises many youth teams of different age groups that make up the club’s grassroots football. The youth teams’ categories include Juvenil, Cadete, Infantil, Alevin, Benjamin, and Prebenjamin, in which the young footballers are trained and developed to the highest standard possible, ensuring a smooth transition to Malaga CF’s reserve team, Club Atletico Malagueno. At Malagueno, the primary aim is to continue developing players in the spirit of the academy, which would serve as a trampoline to the first team.

If you would like to become part of Malaga CF academy, please contact them via email at

Academy no. 3: Marbella City FC Academy

FC Marbella City is a full-time residence academy based in Malaga which focuses on youngsters aged 15 to 20. The main working aim of the academy is to provide a full-time football training service which offers the opportunity to showcase and develop your talents during the ten-month-long season. As part of a competitive football environment, a player will not only receive high-quality coaching service from UEFA licensed professionals but will also play weekly games with La Liga and Liga Adelante Clubs.

Additionally, students are also offered the opportunity to complete their higher education in association with The American College in Spain. Depending on age, FC Marbella City academy graduates will be able to complete their higher education and the first two years of the university while mastering their football skills at the academy. More information about the partnership between Marbella City and The American College can be found here.

Academy no. 4: Albion FC Elite Academy  

Albion FC Elite Academy in Malaga is dedicated to the youngest generation of talents, aged 4 to 14. Its main area of focus is the development of children’s fundamental football qualities, as well as their knowledge and understanding of the game. To do so, the academy has set out an annual methodology which emphasises the three key areas of individual player improvement, collective improvement of the group, and value and principles promotion. The academy is composed of nine federated teams from pre-junior to cadet groups.


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