Do you have a never-ending passion for sports and football in particular? Do you go to sleep thinking about working for you favourite sports team one day? Do not worry because your dreams can become reality with the help of academic courses. There are several highly-rated sports academic courses in Malaga that should be of high interest to anyone living in this beautiful city of the Costa del Sol or planning to move here in the near future.

Sports academic courses are extremely popular in sporty countries like Spain; therefore, future students are often looking for opportunities to pursue their dream of working in one of the most exciting and rewarding job fields. More specifically, Malaga is an extremely sporty city, located on the Mediterranean sea, with rich sport and football traditions. 

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Course no. 1: BA Sport Management

BA in Sport Management at the Marbella International University Centre in Malaga is one of the most widely recognised courses that will turn your passion for sport into a career. This particular bachelor programme bears the name of the famous sports executive Claude Littner who has had a successful career in sports business, working for a number of high-profile companies throughout the years as a chief executive and chairman, including the Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur.

The programme itself focuses on the latest trends of sports and science of sports, such as sports business, finance, marketing, and analytics. It will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and practical tools needed for effectively performing different tasks and responsibilities in the world of sport management. The duration of the course is three years which emphasises the progression across different study levels. The main entry requirements are the high school certificate and proof of English language proficiency.

After graduating with a BA in Sport Management, you will enter the world of exciting sports careers. The list is endless; however, some of the most recognised career paths include sports manager, sports marketing agent, sports analyst, sports agent, and sports public relation specialist. Besides, all of these career paths can be easily applied to football as well. The annual tuition fee is 18.900€, including private health insurance, language courses, accommodation support, and career services.

Institution: Marbella International University Centre

Programme Title: Sport Management

Duration: 3 years (180 ECTS)

Study Language: English

Degree Awarded: Bachelor in Sport Management

Course fee: 18.900€

Course no. 2: Physical Activity and Sports Research

Master in Physical Activity and Sports Research at the University of Malaga is a highly-rated study programme for those who wish to pursue a career as physical activity researchers. A one-year-long master degree emphasises the importance of research in physical activity and sport from psychosocial, pedagogical, and biomedical paradigms. It also looks at the models and theories in football from different theoretical perspectives and how it impacts the constructs of health and lifestyle.

The career prospects include working as physical education teachers in school; pursuing further teaching or coaching qualifications to work with children; and acquiring a PhD diploma for further progression to academia. In order to get accepted onto a course, you need to have acquired a bachelor degree in a relevant field, with the annual cost of the master course set at 850€.

Institution: University of Malaga

Programme Title: Physical Activity and Sports Research

Duration: 1 year (60 ECTS)

Study Language: Spanish

Degree Awarded: Master in Physical Activity and Sports

Course fee: 850€

Course no. 3: FC Malaga City Higher Education Programme in Sports

If you want to combine your passion for football and higher education, then the Malaga City FC Academy provides you with the perfect opportunity to do so. The Higher Education Programme in Sports is the award-winning course delivered by the Malaga City FC staff alongside their elite level football training programme. The course will help its students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to work within professional sports, with football at the top of the list.

At first, players will spend two years studying at the Malaga City FC academy before transferring to the university for the final year of the course where they will acquire a fully accredited bachelor diploma. The course itself includes the core modules of Sport Health and Society, Sports Project Management, Physical Literacy, Working With Young People and others. The programme will be delivered via online lectures, face-to-face meetings, practical activities, and work experience, which will guarantee a state-of-the-art learning opportunity focused on sport.

The cost of the higher education qualification in sports delivered as part of the Malaga City FC football training programme is 3.745€ per year.

Institution: Malaga City FC Academy

Programme Title: FC Malaga City Academy Higher Education Programme

Duration: 3 years

Study Language: English

Degree Awarded: Bachelor in Sports

Course fee: 3.745€

Course no. 4: FC Marbella City Football Programme

FC Marbella City is a full-time residence academy based in Malaga which focuses on youngsters aged 15 to 20. The main aim of the academy is to provide a full-time training service; however, students are also offered the opportunity to complete their higher education in association with The American College in Spain. Depending on age, FC Marbella City academy graduates will be able to complete their higher education and the first two years of the university while mastering their football skills at the academy. More information about the partnership between Marbella City and The American College can be found here.


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