As of 2020 Cristhian Ramirez Valenzuela joined the CeleBreak team as a Match Host in Barcelona after having discovered CeleBreak while playing football in a local park. His desire to play football paired with the chance to organize matches and meet new people was all he needed to take the jump and join the team!

Born in Asunción and raised by his parents and grandparents in Asuncion and Itacurubi del Rosário, Paraguay he has played football since he was just a boy. His passion for the game has helped him to meet new people wherever he found himself in the world. A student of journalism at the Universidad del Norte in Paraguay, he currently has his studies on hold as he travels and explores the world. 

Having travelled for a year and a half through Chile before settling in Barcelona, Cristian is no stranger to the journey of personal growth. It was in Chile that he was able to explore and grow both personally and professionally. During his journey, in 2014 Cristian began dedicating his energy to composing music which is a major part of his life. From composing with instruments, to writing lyrics, and performing shows, he does it…Football isn’t his only passion. 

He even released an EP in 2020 showcasing his Urban Pop, Reggaeton, and Dance Hall style of music. Aside from composing music, Cristian also has worked with three major digital communications companies based in Paraguay while in Barcelona, eventually working up to Executive Producer and Director of the last project he worked on.

It was through these travels that Cristian eventually got to know Barcelona. He had heard about the stark contrast between his native Paraguay and Spain, and coupled with the vast opportunities available in Barcelona, he decided to migrate and start fresh. It was his desire for professional as well as personal growth that gave him the push needed to take the jump in 2016. 

Aside from being a fan of the Paraguayan team Club Olimpia, Cris is also a talented defender and midfielder. Whether it be 8v8 or 11v11, you can count on Cris to play both ends of the field, defending and attacking, building plays as well as stopping opponents in their tracks. This flexibility and adaptability make him an invaluable asset to the CeleBreak team. Now part of the organizational team, he is in charge of hosting various games all throughout Barcelona, embodying and transmitting the core values of Celebreak: integrity, teamwork and commitment!