Guido Laveglia is a resident of Barcelona since February 2020 after moving from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was born and raised. In 2021 he joined the CeleBreak team as one of our Match Hosts. Currently he is in charge of organizing various matches throughout Barcelona and ensuring that the CeleBreak vision, values and standards are met on the field.

He’s a graduate of Universidad Abierta Interamericana in Buenos Aires with a degree in Physical Education and lover of all outdoor activities. A true Argentine from birth, he began playing football from as young as he can remember. In his words, ¨ When you are born in Argentina, the first gift a father gives you is a football¨. Inspired throughout his life by his favorite football club, Club Atlético Huracán, Guido has mastered every position on the pitch. He’s even lived and taught football in China from 2015-16 and 2018-19, an experience which left a lasting impression and deeper appreciation for the game and what it represents in his and others’ lives. This flexibility and expertise makes him an incredible asset to the organizational team. 

After migrating to Barcelona in 2020, Guido met Brit Hermans, Barcelona City Manager of CeleBreak, while both were each practicing at a field during the past covid pandemic once the restrictions were lifted.. After The two began talking and he learned more about the dynamic, the service, and the community of footballers that is CeleBreak, he immediately accepted  the offer to become a Match Host. 

Motivated on and off the field by fair play and mutual respect, you can find Guido on the various fields throughout the city organizing, playing football, meeting new people and embodying the CeleBreak spirit!