Representing CeleBreak’s first branch in the USA is Otis Banwell, City Manager of Los Angeles, California. A world traveler, budding entrepreneur, and lifelong soccer player, it is his multi-talented approach to city management that has made CeleBreak’s international expansion out of Europe possible.

Growing up in Takoma Park, Maryland (on the Washington, D.C. border), Otis decided to move to Los Angeles for university and graduated from the University of Southern California in 2014 with a major in History and a minor in Spanish. Ambitious, curious, and adventurous, it’s no wonder that Otis is passionate about meeting new people, staying active, traveling and always challenging himself.

He started playing soccer when he was just 6 years old and continued to play competitively until he was twenty-two. Since then, it became more of a hobby than a serious competition, though that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to win! Having played for his high school and university teams, Otis’s passion for the game grew and in 2014 he traveled with friends to Brazil to support the USA national team in the World Cup. It was there that he was even able to attend that historic Brazil vs. Colombia quarter-final match where David Luiz scored a 30-yard free kick and Neymar Jr. broke his back.

Later that year Otis went back to LA to work with a video production startup and in 2016 he moved to Barcelona to become an English teacher. It was here that, aside from teaching students like Carlos Puyol (yes, THE Carlos Puyol) — captain of FC Barcelona, World Cup champion, Eurocup champion, etc. — his desire to continue playing soccer became too much. Luckily for him, his friend Scott Haile invited him to play his first Celebreak pickup game. Before long, Otis had joined World VII, one of Celebreak’s first league teams, and Daniel had hired him to organize pickup games and manage leagues.

Over the years Otis became more involved with Celebreak and in 2019 had the opportunity to expand the company overseas to the USA where he is currently leading the charge in setting the foundation for expansion nationwide throughout the United States.

These days you can find Otis negotiating with field owners/operators, managing match hosts, and organizing as well as playing matches in his city. The freedom of being able to operate and expand the business in Los Angeles in the way he sees fit, backed by an international team of passionate soccer players and community builders make the perfect recipe for success.