Adding a touch of caribbean flavor and style to the CeleBreak Match Host organizational team is Roberto López. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, he is a former graduate of the Alejandro de Humboldt University with a degree in Marketing and Advertising. He arrived in Barcelona in 2019 after the COVID pandemic left him forced to leave his residence in Italy when it began in early 2019, in search of a new beginning along with his family.  

As a lifelong fan of the game, Roberto is a natural with the ball at his feet, and the pitch, that’s his happy place. Watching his favorite teams Caracas FC and AC Milan are high up on the list of things that he’s passionate about as well as it’s rare that he misses a game! He began playing football at the tender age of 5 and from then on football has been a motivating and driving force in his life. During his youth he specialized mostly as a left midfielder although he was dominant with his right foot. Mental agility and constant practice and dedication led to him becoming a lethal ambipedal player. If you see him on the pitch, get ready for a showcase of skill.

In September 2020, after settling in Barcelona and adjusting to the new lifestyle and culture, he eventually joined the CeleBreak team as a Match Host. It was after a short time after moving that the shutdown began to take its toll on his physical health and Roberto knew he had to get active. He made his way to the local pitch at Barceloneta and began looking for people to play with to get back into the shape he is in today. As fate would have it, a player at the field spoke to him about CeleBreak. He downloaded the app right away although he wasn’t quite ready to play just yet..

After getting to know the company in more detail, it’s no surprise that he fell head-over-heels in love with the atmosphere, the companionship among the different players, the organization and the all around energy.

It was this atmosphere that he found attractive enough to accept the offer to join our team in early 2021, organizing various games throughout Barcelona ensuring the highest quality standards that CeleBreak is known for!