Our Team

Playing football as a child is easy. You go on the street, you meet other kids, you play football. The older we become, the more difficult it becomes to play the beautiful game. We are here to change it. Our vision is to make playing football easy everywhere and for everyone.


Meet our Founders, the guys who started it all and have been building this awesome Dream and Team

Daniel Foth

Sebastian Foth

Engineering, Growth and Ops Teams

Meet the Team that is building CeleBreak’s bright future. 

Eric Bauer
Head of Engineering

Jose “Pepe” Yañez
Head of Growth

Brit Hermans
BizDev Barcelona

Francisco Idiarte 
Growth Manager

Rafael Ochoa

Nicolas Krzyzanowski
Player Happiness Mgr

Gonzalo Solari
Social Media Mgr

Yohanny Carrasco
Executive Assistant

Jorge Ortega
Ops Madrid

Ailish Westerhout
City Mgr Málaga

Otis Banwell
City Mgr Los Angeles

Match Hosts

We have a great team of match hosts and organizers, who will put all their energy to give our players the best possible football experience.

Here are a few of them.

Jhonatan Cuellar

Cristhian Ramirez

Guido Laveglia

Roberto Tre

Michele Parisato