We are crowdfunding!

Own a part of CeleBreak


We are crowdfunding!

Own a part of CeleBreak

Daniel Foth

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel grew up in a 30,000 inhabitant city close to Frankfurt, Germany. Played football his whole life since age 5, made all of his friends through football as a kid. Later as an adult, he had his first corporate job at Lufthansa. He created with friends a weekly football game which led to traveling to airline football tournaments and organizing events. Pretty much making all his friends through football again.

He then moved from Germany to Barcelona, Spain, didn’t speak the best Spanish, didn’t know many people and had a simple problem: Where and with whom to play football?

That’s how CeleBreak was born: a platform and community that makes it easy to play football for anyone, anytime. No matter your level of play, no matter your age.

We are now the largest football-playing community in Barcelona and FC Barcelona with its Barca Innovation Hub just joined us as a shareholder.

Our goal is to make the world’s largest game – easy to play for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

And more importantly – to help as many people as possible to make friends and find their community through football.

Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code and download our free app. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Join the CeleBreak community

CeleBreak plays men’s football, women’s football, and mixed football, on artificial turf, natural turf, and indoor fields. You can join our games individually or with friends.

Don’t worry about anything other than getting to the field ready to play. A CeleBreak host will welcome you and provide balls, bibs, and will take care of giving you the best experience.