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Gonzalo Solari

Marketing Manager

Joining our marketing team in September 2021 as Marketing Manager is Gonzalo Solari. This guy knows social media through and through and marketing is something that comes as second nature. As a graduate in Communications Sciences from National University of Buenos Aires as well as a passionate football fan, Gonzalo found a place where he can proudly showcase his skills in CeleBreak.

Having been born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina where passion for football is something that is engrained from a very early age, Gonzalo has always been involved in some way with the game. Whether it be as a player or as a fan, Gonzalo lives for the game and everything related to it. He was raised as a Club Atletico River Plate fan and his heart beats red & white. So much so that one of his fondest and most cherished memories was watching River Plate Vs. Boca Jrs in the Copa Libertadores final match with his friends, cheering on his team with everything he had. An experience that he will not soon forget!

As a player, amongst friends, he is a skilled midfielder with the capability of playing both ends of the pitch, defending and attacking…but most importantly helping his team to string together plays. For him there is no better feeling than threading a clutch pass to a teammate for a goal! And it’s this mentality that he brings to the CeleBreak team, a selfless player with the bigger picture always in clear sight.

Gonzalo is a very curious, fun, outgoing person with a passion for connecting people and living new experiences. This motivation for acquiring knowledge and experiences along with fate are what eventually lead to him finding CeleBreak. After having been contacted by Daniel Foth, CEO and Cofounder of CeleBreak, the two knew right away that he would be a great addition to our marketing department.

With many new innovative strategies in mind, we are thrilled to have this power-house marketing genius showcase his skills and help our football community to continue growing! Since joining the CeleBreak team, Gonzalo is “proud to have the opportunity to work and collaborate with an amazing team who all share a similar passion: football…” and we couldn’t be happier to have him on our team!

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