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Jose “Pepe” Yañez


Jose “Pepe” Yañez is our COO. From operational strategies, to growth scaling and marketing, this man does it all!

Pepe is a friendly, easygoing, passionate yet sometimes a bit of a nerdy person, as he would say, he’s the type of person who is constantly working on new projects and acquiring new knowledge. A graduate of Commercial Engineering (Business and Administration) with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Chile and a Master’s Degree graduate of Marketing also from the same university, it’s no surprise that Pepe is a truly passionate person who is driven by challenges and continued personal and professional growth. Now a member of Reforge, he continues his professional development bringing fresh new ideas to the table.

Born, raised, and operating out of Santiago de Chile, Pepe is as passionate about football as they come. Football has been a part of his life as far back as he can remember. This is a man whose heart beats blue for both of his teams, Universidad de Chile in his native Chile, and FC Chelsea in Europe. If it’s football related, you can pretty much bet that Pepe is “in the know”. For him football is more than just a sport having forged some of his deepest rooted and longest lasting friendships and memories. We’re talking about the type of fan who was there cheering on the Chilean National team to victory during the Copa America final match against Argentina in 2015! He’s the guy who brings a lot of “garra”, or energy, to the game, hyping and motivating his teammates and fellow fans.

As in the business world, he’s just as versatile on the pitch playing as a skilled midfielder. Defending, attacking, stringing together passes, seeing opportunities that most others overlook. He brings a fresh perspective to almost everything he does and this includes on the pitch! In his free time, Pepe enjoys playing football and tennis with friends, running to stay in shape, and playing video games, mainly lots of FIFA as you could imagine though his new Oculus is his new favorite toy at the moment. He’s also an avid reader and writer with his own blog about various sports related topics.

In December 2021 Pepe was contacted by the CEO of CeleBreak, Daniel Foth, though he thought that the offer must be “too good to be true” being a dream job marrying football and business after seeing the immense potential that CeleBreak has to impact the world in a positive way. Since joining, Pepe has hit the ground running showcasing and implementing many innovative strategies helping in CeleBreak’s continued, and now accelerated, growth towards achieving our goal of providing amazing football experiences for everyone, everywhere, all around the world!

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