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Juan Pablo Martinez

Community Happiness Specialist

Joining our wonderfully diverse team as Player Success Specialist is Juan Martinez, a young and passionate professional and life-long football player and fan. Bringing to our team an ample knowledge obtained through other professional ventures with companies such as AirMeet, Juan is working with our Player Happiness and Support team in providing the best experience possible for everyone in our community by proactively seeking fast and efficient solutions to many different challenges.

Juan was born and raised in Aguascalientes, Mexico, where from very early on in his childhood he began playing football and developing the skills necessary to compete throughout his formative years and eventually through college. He was fortunate enough to receive a full football scholarship which provided him the opportunity to attend the University of Monterrey where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Though Juan is an avid football player and Real Madrid CF super-fan, he also closely follows his favorite Mexican football team, Pumas UNAM who blessed him with his greatest football memory ever when they went on to win four consecutive league tournaments back in 2004. From that day on he Juan’s heart began beating blue and gold! Aside from football, he enjoys playing paddle ball, getting in a workout at the gym or playing a few frames of bowling with his friends.

Personally driven and motivated, both on and off the field, by his family and friends, he knows just how important a strong support system is and this detail in a person makes them an amazing asset to our team. He knows how to transcend the digital boundary and provide our community with a warm, friendly and most importantly, human touch. CeleBreak players are our family, and he knows how to bring that feeling to them!

In May of 2022 Juan became familiar with CeleBreak, the idea, and the passion behind the concept and absolutely loved the idea of coming onboard as Player Success Specialist. Fortunately, and in light of our team’s continuous growth and in our mission to provide the highest quality experiences possible, Juan joined CeleBreak and our search for a team member with his passion and particular skills was short lived and he was happy to accept. We couldn’t be happier to have Juan working together with us to bring football to everyone, everywhere, all around the world!

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