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We are crowdfunding!

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Marius Günerkaval

Lead Organizer Frankfurt

Let us introduce you to Marius Günerkaval, our Lead Organizer in Frankfurt and a passionate football player. Marius was born in Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse, and grew up in a small village about 30km away from there. He always had a love for football and started playing in a club at the age of 15. For 10 years, he played in various clubs until his studies and job prevented him from continuing. But in 2019, he found CeleBreak and was able to regularly play football again, which he enjoyed immensely.

Marius studied political science and in his free time, he loves to play football, program and hike with friends. His favorite football club is Bayern Munich, and his most memorable football-related moments are the devastating loss of Bayern Munich against Manchester United in the Champions League final in 1999 and the amazing victory of Germany in the 2014 World Cup with Mario Götze’s great goal against Argentina.

On and off the field, what motivates Marius the most is the feeling of contributing to a project or a game and seeing the impact of his work. He loves to see that other people also have fun with the game or project. Marius heard about CeleBreak through his brother, who invited him and his cousin to their first session. He’s been playing with us since 2019 and has taken on the role of City Manager in Frankfurt, where he takes care of our community, the organizers, and our partner clubs.

What Marius loves most about working with CeleBreak is that he has the opportunity to help with a service that he is a fan of himself. Being able to play football regularly in a great community and make new friends at the same time is something that Marius finds truly special. He is always happy to hear from players that they share his enthusiasm and joy for the game.

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