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We are crowdfunding!

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Michele Parisato

Lead Organizer Madrid

Towards the end of 2021, and in light of CeleBreak’s amazing growth in Madrid, Michele “Migue” Parisato joined our team of Madrid Match Hosts where he helps to not only coordinate and organize amazing football experiences for our community, but also putting in practice one of his great passions, photography!

In 2015 Michele moved from Bristol to the gorgeous seaside city of Málaga in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in advertising and fashion photography which he obtained in 2018 where he then finally moved and settled in Madrid. This was the beginning of the marriage between two of his greatest passions, football and photography, though he also really enjoys reading, taking a long walk in a natural setting, traveling, and even practices bouldering!

Michele has been playing football since he was just 5 years old, always ready to hop on the field and have a fun kick-around, though he is no stranger to competition. This guy likes to win just as much as the next. Ask him about his most amazing football experience and he’ll likely tell the story about when he was leading his team as captain in a championship final, battling until the last second of the match. Although they weren’t champions that year Michele relishes having had the chance to compete alongside his football family.

After joining the CeleBreak team and showing his great capabilities both on the field and behind the camera, we knew that we had someone special in our midst. These days you can find Michele almost every day of the week out on the field, connecting people through incredible football experiences and helping to capture all of the magic behind the lense!

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