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Pedro Borges

Full Stack Developer

Meet Pedro Borges, a friendly and highly self-demanding software engineer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He studied Computer Engineering at Universidade Veiga de Almeida in Rio and loves playing videogames, especially collecting old consoles from Atari to Nintendo Switch. When he was younger, he and his dad fixed junk consoles together to play. In addition to gaming, Pedro enjoys football and swimming, and his favorite team is Botafogo, a classical team from Rio de Janeiro.

While Pedro is not a professional football player, he enjoys playing as a defender and wears the number 2 jersey. His most memorable football moment was watching Brazil win the World Cup in 2002 with his family. Pedro is motivated by his wife, who supports him in all his crazy plans, and by seeing great IT projects related to A.I., which inspires him to learn more about Machine Learning and Data Science. In addition to his work with CeleBreak, Pedro has a non-orthodox dream of creating a high-level non-profit educational center in Brazil to provide a better education to kids who might not have access to it.

Pedro joined CeleBreak, a company that combines football and networking, in January 2023 as a software engineer working mainly with Rafael on the backend. He loves working with highly skilled people and collaborating with the team every day.

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