Do you want to play Football in Barcelona?

CeleBreak is an app that makes it possible for you to play football in Barcelona,

How, When and Where you want!


CeleBreak is a community of football lovers from all over the world who started playing together at the end of 2016 in Barcelona. We are ordinary people who dreamed of being able to play football wherever and whenever we wanted. Out of our frustration and the lack of friendly matches in the city, CeleBreak was born! Several years later, here we are, growing our community day by day, getting closer and closer to that long awaited dream. Today CeleBreak operates in 6 cities around the world with many more to come!

CeleBreak now has fields in all districts throughout Barcelona with most of our matches played in Barceloneta, Poblenou, Montjuic, Sant Antoni, L’Hospitalet, Arc de Triomf, Bellvitge, Park Guell, and many more! Brit Hermans, City Manager of Barcelona and footballer since a very young age, has played at a national level in the first division team VV Baronie in Holland where she is from. She is in charge of overseeing all operations in Barcelona, ensuring that all of our players have an amazing football experience!

We play friendly  5v5, 7v7, 8v8, 9v9, 11v11, and even Indoor football matches! Aside from playing football we are always looking to have fun and socialize, during and after the games. Playing soccer and meeting new people is our passion! See you on the pitch!


You can join any of our sessions by downloading the CeleBreak App and signing to the match that best suits you!


1. Download the App


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3. Play Football, Meet New People, Enjoy

CeleBreak is the solution! A worldwide football community!

Why play with CeleBreak?

– Don’t know enough players to form a team?
– Can’t commit to playing in a football league?
– Don’t want the hassle of organizing games?


What CeleBreak offers:

– Never having to worry about not having enough people to play!
– Play games that fit your schedule. Play football when and where you want!
– There will be a CeleBreak Match Host who will take care of keeping the teams balanced and motivated, while ensuring the quality of the match.
– All games are played on high quality fields. We’ll provide the balls and bibs!
– No more frustration!
– Sign up, show up, and play…It’s that simple

You can find all the games in the CeleBreak app:


CeleBreak is now proudly sponsored by adidas!

*(not valid on licensed or already discounted items.)

Where do we play in Barcelona?


Carrer de Margarit, 58, 08004 Barcelona


Av. del Litoral, 85, 08005 Barcelona


Carrer del Dr. Aiguader, 58, 08003 Barcelona


Carrer de Ramon Miquel i Planas, 40, 08034 Barcelona

Sant Antoni

Carrer de Floridablanca, 41, 08015 Barcelona

Sant Antoni Futsal

Carrer de Floridablanca, 41, 08015 Barcelona

Arc de Triomf

Carrer de la Marina, 117, 08018 Barcelona

El Clot

Carrer de Menorca, 7, 08020 Barcelona

Park Guell

Carrer de Can Xirot, 8, 08024 Barcelona


Turó de la Peira, 08031 Barcelona


Carrer de Puigcerdà, 50, 08019 Barcelona

Vall d´Hebron

Carrer de Coll i Alentorn, 12, 08035 Barcelona


Carrer de Carmen Amaya, 4, 6, 08005 Barcelona


Carrer de la Maternitat d'Elna, 10, 08035 Barcelona

Our newest fields

Camp Nou

Carrer de Martí, 19, 08028 Barcelona

Selva de Mar Futsal

C. de Provençals, 9, 08019 Barcelona

Now we're also in Badalona!

Pomar - Badalona

Ctra. Pomar, 9, 08915, Badalona, Barcelona

When do we play in Barcelona?

We play at least 15 times *per day, everyday on many different pitches throughout Barcelona. Check the App to see all the scheduled games!


Want to reserve a Private Session?
CeleBreak is the solution!

Are you part of a team who is looking for a private session to train or play against another rival team?
Maybe your company or coworkers want to play a private match amongst yourselves. CeleBreak offers private sessions for your friends, team, or company to play a private session just your group. Fill out the simple online form and our City Manager will get in touch with you finalize the pitch rental!

Reserve a Private Session

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How to sign up?

You sign up through the App by using your Facebook or Email account. Click the button below to download the app and register!


What will you find on the App?

Date & Time of all scheduled games
Hours and spots available
Location & Map of the each field
Game Chat to communicate with other players
Invite friends with the 'ADD FRIEND' feature
Simple online payment

How do we play?

We offer everything from 5v5 up to 11v11  matches
Most games are normally 7v7 or 8v8 for guys, girls and mixed
All matches are played on high quality artificial turf
We also offer Advanced Session matches and even 5v5 FutSal
1 hour of high quality football

What do I need to bring?

All you need is your football boots/athletic shoes and sports kit!
A CeleBreak Organizer will provide:
- High quality balls
- CeleBreak branded adidas bibs

Become a CeleBreak Match Host!

We work closely with many passionate football lovers in all of the cities where we play. If you are interested in joining our Organizers Team, fill out this quick form and we'll get in touch with you!

Become a CeleBreak Match Host

What are you waiting for? Download the app now and #PlayFootballEveryday