Are you interested in checking out your local amateur football club? Or are you already a fan looking for a way to follow your team and non-league football in general? Well look no further, as we’ve compiled a useful little list of places where you can follow amateur football. It includes weekly newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites, as well as one of the best sources for football news and opinions in general – Twitter. So, here’s your list of places where you can easily follow amateur football in the UK at pretty much any level:

The Non-League Football Paper

The Non-League Football Paper does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Published every Sunday, it’s a newspaper based solely on non-league football in England. It features match reports from all divisions in step 1-4 of the National League System and has round-ups of the action from step 5 divisions with results and tables of step 6 and 7. After the season, the paper continues to be published but focuses more on special features about non-league football. If it’s a detailed account of pretty much all amateur football in the UK you want, then The Non-League Football Paper is for you.

The best non-league football newspaper you can find
The best newspaper for all your amateur football needs

Non-League Daily describes itself as the UK’s premier website dedicated to non-league football and it’s easy to see why. Just a quick glance at the website and you can see that it’s filled with loads of amazing information and features for all of your non-league football needs. Fancy catching up with the latest news in non-league football? Easy. How about your local club’s transfer news? Yep, got that. There’s also a great blog which you should have a read of if non-league football is your passion or you fancy getting involved in it more. is another great website to check out if you want a regular dose of non-league football news. Like it has loads of news about pre-season, the latest fixtures and transfers going on at all levels of non-league football. In fact, their coverage of leagues goes all the way down the level 15 of the pyramid, so you might even see your own team’s table down there!

The Non-League Football

This magazine is, like the Non-league Football Paper, a great way to keep up with all the news in the lower leagues of British football. The website contains updates on the latest news from amateur football in the UK, as well as a blog that’s a really interesting read and well worth checking out. Their website also offers links to a subscription of the actual magazine or a digital version so that all of your amateur football needs are fulfilled.

Paul Scholes featured on the front of the Non-League Football magazine
Get either a digital or physical subscription to keep up with all the non-league football news!


Like everything football, Twitter is probably the best place to keep up to date with news, rumours and opinions about non-league clubs and amateur football in general. Sure you don’t get long articles with loads of detail about matches, but you can follow the accounts of the things we’ve listed above for links to their website and their content. Twitter, and specifically the accounts that we’ll give you, offer a great insight into non-league football in the UK and by giving them a follow you can easily keep up with what’s happening in the amateur football world.

Here’s a selection of great accounts we recommend you follow just for a start: @nonleagueshow, @thenonleaguemag, @ReviewNonLeague, @NonLeagueNews, @PHNonLeague, @NonLeagueBall 

Hopefully this list will persuade you to check out the amateur football leagues in the UK because they really do provide a unique experience. Clubs at that level need local support more than any, and these places are great ways to get started if you’re interested in following a non-league club or football at that level in general. If you’ve got any other, even better, ideas about places you can keep up with amateur football then let us know, because we love it!