It’s always exciting getting a new pair of football boots but the hard part is knowing where to go.  Many stores may offer some, but are they worth a visit? Are the prices too high? Will they have what you are looking for?  We at CeleBreak want to go stores for our boots where we know we will leave satisfied so we can play our best.  Here are our recommendations for the best places to buy football boots in Munich.

1. Münzinger

Münzinger Store Front

This 125 year old football house is located in Munich’s majestic 19th-century Neus Rathaus (new town hall) in the heart of the city’s main shopping area. This is the ultimate destination for football lovers due to the interior design and the authentic equipment and apparel.  Besides having what you want for both on and off the pitch, Müzinger has different floors consisted of many different product categories.  You will be able to find Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance and Kappa brands here.  To top it off, you have the ability to get your football boots embroidered with your name.  Müzinger is on the top of this list of where to buy football boots in Munich because it offers everything you are looking for, so give this place a look.

2. Karstadt Sports 

Karstadt Sports - Munich

Karstadt Sports is located in Stachus Passagen which is underground shopping mall beneath Karlsplatz with more than 50 stores.  It’s a massive department store that offers products for all sports.  You will be able to find everything here so it will soon be your go-to store for all of your sport wants and needs.  This department store offers many sales resulting in many customers finding what they want at a price they are happy with.

3. SportScheck

SportScheck - Munich

SportsCheck is known for having many discounts on top branded products.  Many customers leave here very satisfied due to the selection, which may vary depending on which location is closer to you.  Each of these stores has a very clean and intriguing atmosphere.  You will find a wide variety of sporting goods along with your search for football boots.  However their inventory changes frequently so if you do not find what you are looking for the first time it may be worth to make a second trip.

4. Intersport

Intersport - Munich

Intersport has 5800 locations within 65 countries and strives in offering various products for meeting your sport needs. In order to show how often customers come here for sport products, Intersport sold 330,000 football European Championship DFB jerseys.  This is not football boot related, but it is interesting to know how popular this store is for football goods.  If you check out their website, they show which football boots are certain players favorites in the Champions League which is a nice touch and can help you make you decision on certain models.

5. Adidas

Adidas - Munich

This multi-floor retail store has a huge selection of Adidas products.  This store is very organized and has different floors and sections for each product category.  For instance, the football section that includes boots has it’s own area which is nice to view only football related items.  But, as with do with any retail or factory store, it may be difficult to find boots that are not offered at their top price.

6. Nike

Nike Store Front - Munich

Conveniently located next to puma, Nike is worth a try to find some football boots.  This specific location is a factory store which means their selection of football boots will be varied.  However you may be able to find some available in their discounted section.  Nike changes their products based on the season so when it is football season you will find more of a variety compared to when other in season sports.

Once you find some boots try them out at one of our pitches!

Many people have a hard time finding somewhere to play football without committing to a team.  Following the set schedule that comes with being on a team can be difficult to follow due to our personal schedules. At CeleBreak, we offer pick-up football games available to everyone at various times, dates, and locations allowing you to find games that work for you.  After each game enjoy some time with your team and make new friends!  The process to join is easy, first download our app then pick your city, date, and time that fits your schedule.

Hope to see you out there soon!

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