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Soccer Scouts: What They Do

Soccer Scouts: What They Do

Soccer scouts play a vital role at the world’s top clubs. Thanks to them, the most prominent stars were discovered, they reached the highest level, and we enjoyed their game.

What good is it for a player to train day and night if no club at a higher level sees him?

What good is it for a club to invest in a squad if it doesn’t have a way to discover new talents?

This is where soccer scouts come into the picture.

They function as a bridge between promising youngsters and teams looking to strengthen their rosters.

We might never have had Neymar, Messi, or Cristiano Ronaldo if not for them.

If you want to know what being a soccer scout consists of, keep reading.

ContentWhat are soccer scouts? What do soccer scouts watch? What does it take to be a soccer scoutHow much do they earn? If you are a soccer fan, download CeleBreak.

What are soccer scouts?

Also called a scouter, a soccer scout is a member of a club or team who attends matches to observe players and teams in order to gather helpful information for coaches and managers.

These professionals are critical to the teams since they search, identify, discover, and evaluate talent worldwide.

This is to find players who can improve the team’s performance.

Soccer scouts work closely with the team’s coaches and managers, who provide feedback on position and skill needs.

Then, the scouts are in charge of looking for players that fit these needs.

They observe matches, review statistics, and analyze player performance reports.

In addition, soccer scouts can also work in the training and development of young talents, providing them with training and guidance so that they can improve their skills and be considered for professional teams.

The scout in the matches looks at signings, possible rivals, and players on loan to other clubs.

Finally, they present summaries of everything observed in their captures.

These scouts also play an essential role in selections since they are instrumental for the national selectors to know which players are in the best condition to be called up with their country.

What do soccer scouts see?

Soccer scouts have a particular job: to observe conditions in players that cannot be appreciated only with numbers and statistics.

These qualities can only be identified by looking at the player’s performance throughout a match.

After this, they must present the information obtained to the coaches, and they can make better decisions when managing the squad.

These professionals look for specific attributes to determine if a player has the qualities for the club he represents to sign him.

These qualities include physical condition, leadership on and off the field, discipline, and skills.

They only sometimes have to attend the matches in person, as they usually cover many leagues and categories from different countries.

Sometimes they form scouting teams or analyze matches on television.

What does it take to be a soccer scout?

To be a good soccer scout, you need to have a combination of observational and technical skills.

Likewise, a deep understanding of the game, its rules, tactics, and strategies.

It also knows how to evaluate and compare different players and teams and the qualities that make a successful player.

A soccer scout should be able to observe the game, the plays, and the players’ movements with detail and attention.

Likewise, he should be able to analyze the players’ actions and evaluate their effectiveness.

This professional must know the players well, both nationally and internationally.

You should know who the featured players are and their strengths and weaknesses.

This makes him capable of identifying talent and potential in young players and assessing their ability to improve and develop.

A good soccer scout must have communication skills to collaborate and share information with coaches, managers, and other staff members.

In addition, he must have skills in negotiating and building relationships with agents, parents, and players.

In-depth technical knowledge of the game, including fitness, nutrition, injuries, and sports psychology, is also paramount for soccer scouts.

Soccer is a constantly evolving sport, so a good soccer scout must be able to adapt to changes in the game and the transfer market and be up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

In short, a good soccer scout should have technical, observational skills, knowledge of the game, and communication and social skills.

In addition, you should be able to identify talent, have deep technical knowledge, and adapt to change.

How much do they earn?

The salary of a soccer scout can vary depending on the club, the league, and the category in which he works. According to the Glassdoor portal, a football scout in the United Kingdom can earn between 20 and 30 thousand pounds a year.

That works out to about $36,000 a year.

Of course, scouts for teams like Manchester City or Real Madrid can earn much more than that since they are after the biggest signings on the market.

Soccer scouts need different certifications depending on the federation in their country.

Usually, they only require a recruitment course with different levels and categories.

The process is similar to what you must undergo to become a certified trainer.

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