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Soccer Game Model: How to Develop It

Soccer Game Model: How to Develop It

Committed coaches increasingly value the soccer game model over individual talent. Learn how to develop it by understanding the principles of all game strategies.

The game model goes beyond formation or style; it includes the above and also considers how to build a play and finish it.

On the other hand, the model defines the pace at which you want to carry out a game, as well as possession and intensity.

The most remembered soccer teams in history had prominent game models. Nowadays, clubs and national groups strive to build a scheme that works in each situation, and for this, they are based on the principles you will find below.

What is the soccer game model?

The soccer game model refers to how a team plays regarding its strategy and style.

As its name indicates, it is how a coach ideally visualizes his team in the physical, psychological, and technical fields.

This can include how the team defends, attacks, transitions between the two, and organizes itself on the field.

The game model can vary from one team to another and can be influenced by various factors, such as the coach’s philosophy, the quality of the available players, the opponents’ playing style, and the tactical system used.

Some popular game models in modern football include FC Barcelona’s “tiki-taka,” which focuses on ball maintenance and possession.

Also, the “Fast Counterattack” used by teams like Real Madrid focuses on launching quick and lethal attacks in moments of transition.

In general, the game model of a soccer team develops and improves over time through training, experience, and continuous evaluation.

A game system is not the same as a model since the system can vary depending on the rival or even within the exact match.

The game model lays the foundations of the squad and must always be followed.

Who is in charge of building it?

Mainly the coach, although it is the task of the entire club. The players, the coaching staff, and even the managers must work in favor of the team’s game model.

How to make a soccer game model

To build a soccer game model, it is essential to understand three elementary principles, the moment of play, the conditions, and the tactics.

Game time

The soccer game model must respond to any of the moments of a match, which are four: defense, attack, counterattack, and setback.

Game conditions

A team will play differently if it loses to how it would play if it were up on the scoreboard.

The game model adapts to all the conditions, with equality or inequality in the marker, numerical disparities, etc.


Tactics can be individual or collective. Define each player’s movements to set up or conclude each play. It can be a defensive tactic or an attack on the wings.

Principles of a soccer game model

Now that we understand the moments of a game, we must look at the principles of the model. This refers to the phases of making a move.

There are three, the start, the construction, and the definition of the play.

All players are part of the three phases. From the goalkeeper’s goal kick, through the assistance of the midfielders, and ending in the definition of the forwards.

Importance of the soccer game model

Without a game model, the team has no ideas. Players will have to rely on mere instinct, and with no systems or strategies, the game will be defined by many random plays.

For a game model to fulfill its mission, it must enhance the team’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses.

If you want to be a coach of any category, you must emphasize the game model and start studying all its elements.

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