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Bars to Watch Football in Madrid

Bars to Watch Football in Madrid

The best bars to watch football in Madrid are those with the best facilities and screens and those that capture the spirit and passion that make Spanish football an incomparable experience.

Soccer, considered by many to be the king of sports, is a fundamental element in Spanish culture.

From the streets of each city to the stadiums full of fans, soccer is more than just a sport in Spain; it is a shared passion and a uniting factor between people of different ages, regions, and origins.

Soccer clubs and their respective rivalries are a source of conversation and camaraderie, fueling the excitement of competition and the joy of triumph.

In this context, it is unsurprising that the tradition of watching football matches in bars has become a fundamental aspect of social life in Spain, particularly in Madrid, where supporters of teams such as Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid come together to share their love for the sport.

Soccer bars offer a unique and unforgettable atmosphere beyond a match’s simple transmission.

In them, fans can experience the excitement, tension, and collective euphoria that only this sport can offer.

In addition, these bars provide a space where fans can enjoy local gastronomic traditions, such as tapas and cañas while reveling in the skill of their favorite teams on the pitch.

How to choose the bars to watch football in Madrid

Quality of the screens and transmission

One of the fundamental aspects of enjoying a football game in a bar is the quality of the screens and the transmission.

The best bars offer large, high-definition screens strategically located so everyone in attendance can watch the game comfortably.

In addition, the live transmission without interruptions is essential to avoid missing a single detail of the match.

Football atmosphere and spirit

The atmosphere in a football bar is a determining factor in the experience of watching a game.

The best bars have a lively and welcoming atmosphere where fans can share their passion for the sport and enjoy the game in friendly surroundings.

The decoration of the premises, the music, and the staff’s energy also play an essential role in creating an environment conducive to the enjoyment of football.

Location and accessibility

The location of a bar is crucial in facilitating access for fans and ensuring a constant influx of customers.

The best bars to watch football in Madrid are located in central areas, well connected and easily accessible, both by public transport and by private vehicle.

The proximity to places of tourist interest, shopping, and leisure areas is also a plus.

Variety and quality of drinks and tapas

A good football bar focuses on broadcasting the game and offers various drinks and eatables to complement the experience.

From local and international beers to wines and cocktails, the best bars have a varied menu that satisfies all tastes.

As for food, traditional tapas, appetizers, and more elaborate options are essential to ensure that customers enjoy their visit to the establishment to the fullest.

Tips for enjoying the football experience in Madrid bars

Arrive early to secure a good spot: Madrid soccer bars can fill up quickly, especially during big or classic matches.

To ensure that you get a good spot with an optimal view of the screens, it is advisable to arrive at least one hour before the start of the game.

Also, this will give you time to get acquainted with the atmosphere and enjoy some tapas and drinks before the start of the game.

Respect the rules of the establishment: Each bar may have its own rules and policies regarding customer behavior, consumption of food and beverages, and other issues.

To ensure a pleasant experience for both you and the other attendees, it is essential to respect these rules and follow the instructions of the venue staff.

Socialize and share your passion for soccer with other fans: One of the most significant benefits of watching a soccer game in a bar is socializing and connecting with other fans.

Feel free to strike up a conversation with those around you, celebrate the goals together, and discuss the plays and tactics of the game.

This interaction enriches the experience and immerses you even more in the passion for soccer.

Try the local tapas and drinks: Take the opportunity to explore the local gastronomy while enjoying the game.

Madrid bars offer various tapas and appetizers ranging from classics like patatas bravas and Iberian ham to more innovative and creative options.

Also, remember to taste the local and craft beers, wines, and other drinks typical of the region.

Lastly, remember to bring your favorite team’s jersey!

This will allow you to live a more authentic and complete experience during your bar visit.

The best bars to watch football in Madrid

Below you will find a list of the best bars, not only to watch football in Madrid but also to taste tapas, portions, food, and beers:


The Abbey Bar


James Joyce Irish Pub

The Sports Brewery

The Golden Fountain

LaLiga 29s Madrid

The Torreznos

mr ribs

O’Connell St Pub

O’Neill’s Irish Pub

Penalty Lounge Bar

Podium Sports Bar

precious 38

Panenka Restaurant

revival cafe

Soccer Bar Brewery

The experience of watching football in bars in Madrid is a fundamental part of the football and social culture of the city.

These establishments offer a unique environment where fans can share their passion for the sport, enjoy the collective emotion and immerse themselves in the rich local gastronomic tradition.

There’s nothing like exploring and enjoying Madrid’s football bars, whether during an exciting clásico or a regular league match.

Visit these bars and immerse yourself in the authentic Madrid football experience!

Frequently asked questions about bars to watch football in Madrid

Do all bars broadcast all football matches?

Not necessarily. Although most bars broadcast the biggest tournaments, some may not show certain fixtures. Check online or call the bar to confirm if they will promote the game you want to watch.

Should I make a reservation at the bars to watch football in Madrid?

Not all bars accept reservations to watch football matches. However, arriving early is usually enough to find a good spot.

Is it expensive to watch football in a bar in Madrid?

Prices may vary depending on the bar and its location. You can generally find affordable options in most bars, especially if you take advantage of the sales and promotions during the games.

Can I bring my family to a bar to watch football in Madrid?

Many bars to watch soccer in Madrid are suitable for the whole family, but it is essential to check the establishment’s policies before attending with children. Also, remember that some bars’ atmosphere can be loud and lively during matches.

Is smoking allowed in football bars in Madrid?

In Spain, smoking is prohibited in enclosed public spaces, including bars and restaurants. Some bars may have terraces or outdoor areas where smoking is allowed, but it is essential to respect the rules and policies of the establishment.

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