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Doing Sports in Madrid: Available Options

Doing Sports in Madrid: Available Options

Doing sports in Madrid is a fundamental part of the daily life of many people, as it helps to maintain good physical and mental health. Practicing sports regularly can prevent diseases, improve quality of life and increase self-esteem. In addition, sport encourages socialization and teamwork, creating more united and supportive communities.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a city with a rich sports culture that ranges from popular sports to lesser-known options.

The people of Madrid are passionate about sports, and in the city, you can find numerous sports facilities, events, and opportunities to practice all kinds of disciplines.

In addition, Madrid is home to world-renowned teams in sports such as soccer and basketball, which makes the sporting environment in the city even more vibrant and exciting.

Options to do sports in Madrid

In Madrid, there is a wide range of options to play sports and enjoy the benefits of physical activity.

Here we mention some of the most popular and accessible sports sites and activities in the city:


As in all of Spain, soccer is the most popular sport in Madrid.

The city has numerous public and private soccer fields, local leagues, and events for fans.

In Madrid, there are numerous opportunities to play amateur soccer in local leagues, organized tournaments, or informal matches with friends.

The city has many public and private soccer fields to rent or reserve.

The most popular facilities include the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park, the Vicente del Bosque Municipal Sports Center, and the La Elipa Municipal Sports Center.

In addition, organizations and the CeleBreak mobile app make it easy to find teams and games to join based on skill level and location.


In Madrid, several amateur basketball leagues and tournaments allow players to compete and enjoy the sport in a more informal setting.

These competitions are often organized by age category and skill level, allowing all participants to enjoy and improve their game.

Some organizations and clubs that organize local leagues and tournaments include the Madrid Basketball Federation, the Madrid Municipal Basketball League, and the Collegiate Basketball League.

On the other hand, Madrid has many public basketball courts located in parks and recreational areas of the city.

These courts are free and ideal for practicing, playing casual games with friends, or improving your basketball skills.

Some of Madrid’s most popular public courts are located in the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park, the Retiro Park, and Berlin Park.


Madrid offers many facilities for practicing tennis, from private clubs to public courts.

Some of the most well-known tennis clubs in the city include the Chamartín Tennis Club, the Real Club de Puerta de Hierro, and the International Tennis Club.

On the other hand, public courts are also available in municipal sports facilities, such as the La Elipa Municipal Sports Center, the Moratalaz Municipal Sports Center, and the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park.

Suppose you are interested in learning to play tennis or improving your skills. In that case, the city offers numerous options for taking lessons and participating in tennis programs for beginners and players of all levels.

Many tennis clubs and municipal sports centers have tennis schools and academies that offer individual and group lessons, as well as intensive courses and training programs.

Private trainers and specialized companies also offer tennis lessons in public parks and other outdoor facilities in Madrid.


The Vuelta a España is one of the most important cycling competitions in the world, and the final stage usually takes place in Madrid, with an urban circuit in the center of the city.

Being a professional competition, it is not possible to participate as an amateur cyclist.

During the celebration of the Vuelta, related events are organized, such as cycling fairs, exhibitions, and activities for all ages.

In addition, Madrid has numerous parks and trails ideal for recreational and sports cycling.

Some of the most popular parks for biking include Parque del Retiro, Casa de Campo, and Parque Juan Carlos I.

There are also longer cycling routes, such as the Anillo Verde Ciclista, a circuit of approximately 64 km that surrounds the city and connects different green spaces.


Several public and private facilities in the city have athletics tracks and spaces for training in different sports disciplines.

Some municipal sports facilities with athletics tracks include the Gallur Municipal Sports Center, the Moratalaz Municipal Sports Center, and the La Elipa Municipal Sports Center.

Suppose you are interested in group training and sharing your passion for athletics with other runners. In that case, Madrid has many running clubs and groups that organize training sessions and activities for their members.


In Madrid, there are several options to practice water sports, such as swimming, water polo, and synchronized swimming.

Municipal sports facilities and private clubs have swimming pools and adequate spaces for training and enjoying these disciplines.

They also offer teaching and training programs, both individually and in groups.

Other sports in Madrid

You can find various facilities and clubs that offer the possibility of practicing sports such as golf, paddle tennis, and rugby.

For golf, the best known include the Real Club de la Puerta de Hierro, the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, and the Golf Olivar de la Hinojosa.

As for paddle tennis, this sport has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and numerous clubs and sports centers have paddle tennis courts, such as Club de Pádel La Moraleja and Madrid Pádel Club.

You can go to the Alcobendas Rugby Club, the Complutense Cisneros Rugby Club, and the Hortaleza Rugby Club to practice rugby.

Madrid has numerous natural areas and trails ideal for mountaineering and outdoor activities.

Among the most popular areas are the Sierra de Guadarrama, the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Regional Park, and the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.

These areas offer trails of varying difficulty and spectacular landscapes, ideal for hiking, Nordic walking, climbing, mountain biking, and any other outdoor activity.

Frequently asked questions about doing sports in Madrid

What winter sports options are there in Madrid or its surroundings?

he Community of Madrid offers some possibilities to practice winter sports. The closest ski resort to the capital is Valdesquí, located in the Sierra de Guadarrama, about 80 km from the city. There is also the Navacerrada ski resort, located at a similar distance. Are there gyms and fitness centers in Madrid? Yes, Madrid has a wide variety of gyms and fitness centers, both public and private. You can find options for all tastes and needs, from low-cost gyms to luxury sports facilities with swimming pools, spas, and additional services.

Where can I practice yoga or pilates in Madrid?

Numerous studios and centers offer yoga and Pilates classes for all levels, as well as sports facilities and gyms. Can you rent bicycles to tour Madrid? The city has a public bicycle rental service called BiciMAD, which allows you to rent electric bikes temporarily. In addition, there are private companies that offer traditional and electric bicycle rentals, as well as guided bicycle tours around the city.

Are there sports options in Madrid adapted for people with disabilities?

In Madrid, various sports facilities and clubs offer adapted sports options for people with disabilities. These include activities such as wheelchair basketball, adapted swimming, and wheelchair tennis. You can obtain more information at the Madrid Sports Federation for the Physically Disabled or municipal sports facilities.

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