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Football and Mental Health: A Perspective from CeleBreak Users

“When I’m on the field, everything else disappears. It’s like my mind clears, and I can just enjoy the moment,” shares Luis Núñez, a regular player at CeleBreak. “Football has taught me to face challenges with determination and to value the importance of teamwork, skills that transcend the field and apply to my daily life”.

In our daily lives, football emerges as  a beacon of hope, not only for physical development but also for mental well-being. Behind every goal, every dribble, and every celebration lies a deeper story of how football can positively influence people’s mental health. At CeleBreak, a community committed to the game and camaraderie, this link manifests tangibly, offering a refuge for the mind as much as for the body.

The evidence of football’s benefits for mental health is abundant and compelling. Numerous scientific studies support the idea that participation in sports like football can reduce stress, improve mood, and boost self-esteem. For many, football is not just a game but a release valve, a means to release daily tensions and worries.

Luis’ testimony reflects the shared experience of many in the CeleBreak community. Through interviews with players of various ages and backgrounds, a consistent pattern emerges: football is not only a sport but a source of emotional support and well-being.

When I'm on the field, everything else disappears. It's like my mind clears, and I can just enjoy the moment’

—Luis Núñez


The inclusive atmosphere of CeleBreak plays a crucial role in promoting mental health. “When I first arrived at CeleBreak, I felt at home,” recalls Corradino Merlini, an enthusiastic player. “The camaraderie among players is amazing. Here, your skill level or experience doesn’t matter; everyone is welcomed and respected.”

In addition to the social aspect, physical activity has direct positive effects on mental health. The release of endorphins during exercise can improve mood and reduce anxiety.

“Playing football at CeleBreak not only keeps me fit, but it also helps me disconnect from the stress of work and daily responsibilities,” explains Diego Pita

However, the impact of football on mental health goes beyond individual benefits. At CeleBreak, a sense of belonging and solidarity is fostered that transcends the boundaries of the playing field. The bonds created through football are deep and meaningful, providing players with an invaluable support system in difficult times.

“I wasn’t feeling mentally well; I needed to vent, and then I discovered CeleBreak and returned to playing. All of this helped me regain peace of mind,” noted Rony.

As awareness of the importance of mental health continues to grow, the role of football as a therapeutic and well-being tool becomes increasingly evident. At CeleBreak, this connection is celebrated and nurtured, creating a space where football is played not only with feet but also with heart and mind.

When I first arrived at CeleBreak, I felt at home. Everyone is welcomed and respected’

—Corradino Merlini


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