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Soccer Blogs: The Must Read List

Do you like football? Do you religiously follow your favorite team and love to read about their matches and performances? Are you interested in soccer statistics? In this article, we will talk about some of the best soccer blogs you can read.

Soccer is the most followed sport on the entire planet, with millions of people who like to be aware of everything that happens in that sport.

That is why we find so much content regarding it: documentaries, series, books, etc.

And, as expected, the content on the Internet has not been left behind.

Some of these blogs are as old and mythical as the Internet, and they bring us everything about the football world.

With these blogs, you will be able to keep up to date with the news, transfers, results, and curiosities of the most popular sport in the world.

Why are soccer blogs influential?

Soccer blogs are an essential source of information for soccer fans worldwide.

They offer a platform for fans to share their opinions and discuss the latest news and rumors.

Additionally, soccer blogs often feature exclusive interviews with players and coaches, giving fans an inside look at the game.

With so much information available at their fingertips, soccer blogs are an essential resource for any fan who wants to keep up with the latest developments in the world of soccer.

Some Soccer Blogs that you cannot ignore


At Goal.com, you will find one of the portals with the greatest football coverage on the Internet.

Its content can be enjoyed in 19 languages and touches on leagues and competitions in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Highlight its section on transfers and breaking news, as well as the newsletter that you can subscribe to receive articles directly to your email.


Panenka.org is probably the most significant and longest-running Spanish soccer community we can name on the web.

You can enjoy complimentary content from the magazine of the same name on its portal.

You will get notes, results, and even exclusive interviews in video format with some of the most significant football figures in Spain, such as Sergio Busquets or the former Real Madrid player Casemiro.

Fichajes.net (Transfers)

For some soccer fans, the transfer market is the most exciting time in European competition.

These months have left us with the most memorable news in this sport.

How to forget Messi’s signing to PSG or Haaland’s arrival at City?

On Fichajes.net, you can find all the information about these transfers in real-time, updated squads of the teams, possible sales, purchases, and all the statistics that the summer and winter markets leave us.

Futbolenpositivo.com (Football in Positive)

We can’t just stay with rumors and scandals when we talk about football blogs.

Futbolenpositivo.com is a portal with a wide variety of content with a more professional approach.

Analysis of soccer strategies, interviews with physical trainers, and notes on the most iconic formations used by technical directors.

This content is entertaining and will help you better understand this sport.

TresCuatroTres.com (ThreeFourThree)

Although it may seem like another soccer blog, TresCuatroTres.com has a massive archive of soccer’s most important matches and championships.

Let’s relive through a detailed note the mythical final of the World Cup in the United States ’94.

Also, to the memorable Denmark team that, against all odds, was crowned European champion in 1992.

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Women’s Soccer Blogs

Esfutbolfemenino.com (Is Female Football)

Women’s soccer has seen tremendous growth in recent years, breaking more audience records each year.

Esfutbolfemenino.com is the home of all the news you should know about the women’s division of soccer.

Why read soccer blogs

Soccer fans have a lot to gain by following soccer blogs.

First of all, bloggers are usually very knowledgeable about this sport.

They watch countless hours of match footage, read endlessly about tactics and player profiles, and keep up with the latest news from around the world.

These insights can be passed on to readers in the form of detailed analyzes and informative articles.

Secondly, soccer bloggers often have strong opinions about the game and are not afraid to share them.

Whether it’s a heated debate over who should start your country’s national team or a passionate row over an unfair refereeing decision, following soccer blogs can offer fans a whole new perspective on the sport.

Finally, many soccer blogs contain exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else.

From interviews with players and coaches to behind-the-scenes reports from training camps, following soccer blogs is a great way to get an inside look at the beautiful game.

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