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The Best Football Player of the World: Pelé vs Maradona

The eternal debate between football players and football lovers, who is the best football player of the world: Pelé vs Maradona? Grab your jerseys and your passion, grab your socks and place the kids on bed, because we’re about to let the blood pressure to go high-sky!

Starting with the Brazilian sensation, Pelé. The Pelé history is nothing short of a fairy tale. Born in a small town, he rose to global stardom with his exceptional talent. His time with Santos FC is legendary. With an astonishing 643 goals in 656 appearances, the Pelé goals became a phenomenon. But it wasn’t just the goals; it was the way he scored them. From bicycle kicks to deft touches, he had it all, that is why so many thinks of him as the best football player of the world. Off the field, Pelé was a gentleman, always wearing his infectious smile and spreading the love for the game.

But Brazil isn’t the only South American country with a football god. Enter Diego Armando Maradona. Delving into Maradona history, we find a story of a boy from the slums of Buenos Aires who danced his way into the hearts of millions. His stint with Boca Juniors showcased his raw talent, but it was at Napoli where he became a demigod. The city still worships him. And those Maradona goals? Pure artistry! Especially the ones in the 1986 World Cup. However, Maradona’s life was filled with controversies. From addiction battles to outspoken political views, he was always in the limelight. But we are not here to judge their characters, we are here to talk about which one is the best football player of the world!

When we talk Pelé vs Maradona, it’s not just about football. It’s about two contrasting personalities, two different eras, and two distinct styles of play. Pelé was grace personified. His hat-trick in the 1958 World Cup final as a teenager is the stuff of legends. The bond between Pelé and Brazil is unbreakable. He was, and still is, Brazil’s golden boy.

Maradona, on the other hand, was a rebel. His dribbling ability was second to none. The way he gloriously led Argentina to World Cup in 1986, especially the quarter-final against England, is etched in history. The relationship between Maradona and Argentina is deep-rooted. He was their hero, their voice, their icon, the best football player of the globe for them.

So, who truly is the greatest football player? It’s subjective. Pelé had the flair, the records, and the global appeal. Maradona had the passion, the genius, and the undying love of his fans. Both have left an indelible mark on the sport.

But let’s talk numbers for a moment. Pelé’s three World Cup wins are monumental. His total career goals are mind-boggling. Maradona, while not having the same numbers, had moments of sheer brilliance that turned games on their heads. His club career, especially in Europe, was more illustrious than Pelé’s.

In the end, choosing between them is like choosing between two masterpieces. Both deserves the title of best football player. But if we have to pick based on overall impact, both on and off the field, Pelé might just edge it. If we just have into consideration the football facts, it is mission impossible, so we need to add some other facts to the scale. Pele’s ambassadorial role post-retirement, his efforts in promoting football, and his consistent brilliance give him a slight advantage about football and his life.

However, no matter where you stand in this eternal debate, one thing is undeniable: both Pelé and Maradona have enriched the beautiful game. They’ve given us moments of joy, tears, and sheer disbelief. And that’s what being the best football player is truly about, don’t you think? … Now grab your mobile and download the CeleBreak app to join us for some exciting football moments and to make new friends, we have males, females, and mixed football games everyday in Barcelona and Madrid!

Football is a game of emotions, memories, and moments. Pelé and Maradona have given us plenty of each. While the debate will rage on, let’s cherish the legacy they’ve left behind. After all, the beauty of football lies in its ability to unite us, even in debate. So, whether you’re Team Pelé or Team Maradona, let’s celebrate the magic they brought to the pitch. And who knows, maybe the next contender for the title of Best Football Player is just around the corner, waiting to mesmerize us all!

Image source: CNN en Español website

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