We are crowdfunding!

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We are crowdfunding!

Own a part of CeleBreak

Eric Bauer

Head of Engineering

In 2020 CeleBreak welcomed to it’s team Eric Bauer, Chief Technology Officer and Tech-Lead, responsible for overseeing the development and programming of the CeleBreak platform as well as overseeing all tech-related issues.

A graduate of Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, USA, majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science, and after years as a CeleBreak user, Eric was presented with the opportunity to take lead on the development of CeleBreak’s Tech Department. “The rest is history”, as Eric would say.

Eric was born and raised near the Boston, Massachusetts area and has been playing football from very early on. On his high school football team he was the top scorer and voted Best Offensive Player during a deep run in the Massachusetts State Tournament. He started playing football when he was just 4 years old and picked up a unique skill set from early on. Football is something that runs deep in his veins!

Having been a passionate footballer his entire life, it was not long after having moved to Barcelona in 2017 that Eric began searching for places to play some fun pick-up football games and stumbled upon CeleBreak in it’s very earliest days when the primary platform was nothing like today’s. After meeting various players, and eventually meeting Daniel Foth, CEO & Co-founder of CeleBreak, he made the decision to become Tech Lead and to let his extensive knowledge shine.

His love of football, however, isn’t the only driving factor in Eric’s life. He is very passionate about staying fit and healthy by mountain biking, trail running, cooking, learning Spanish, and above all else, spending time and playing with his children.

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Don’t worry about anything other than getting to the field ready to play. A CeleBreak host will welcome you and provide balls, bibs, and will take care of giving you the best experience.