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We are crowdfunding!

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Nicolas Krzyzanowski

Customer Service Specialist

Passionate about all kinds of sports, outdoor activities, and most importantly as a support specialist, we have Nico Krzyzanowski as Copywriter and Player Happiness Manager. In his role, he oversees and manages all player contact, finding quick fixes by employing a proactive approach to engaging with our community of CeleBreak players, as well as creating written content for the CeleBreak website.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he migrated with his family to the sunny beaches of Miami when he was just two years old. He began his college career in south Florida, although it was put on hold when he decided to migrate on his own back to Argentina. Before moving back to his home country, he became a Certified Teacher of English as a Second Language (TESL/TEFL) as well as a Certified Teacher of Business English (CTBE). A true lover of all things literature and writing, if he’s not outdoors playing football or hiking, he’s likely with a book in his hands.

Before his passion for writing and teaching awoke, he would spend most of his early childhood days basking in the tropical South Florida sun on the beaches, always with a football in tow. It was thanks to his older brother that he began playing and fell in love with the game. The two would spend countless hours playing pick-up games with kids from the neighborhood, making new friends wherever they went. Some became lifelong friends to this very day! He went on to play for various youth leagues throughout his teenage years although he decided to enjoy the sport more as a hobby while putting more focus on his studies.

Having been raised in a sports-rich atmosphere, paired with a strong passion for writing and customer service, he was an obvious choice when growing our team.

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