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We are crowdfunding!

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Ailish Westerhout

Product Manager

Málaga City Manager, Ailish Westerhout, has been with the CeleBreak team since late 2020 and is in charge of overseeing operations in the city of Málaga, forging new partnerships with field owners, procuring equipment, and overseeing a team of CeleBreak organizers. She is currently finishing her studies in International Business at Amsterdam School of International Business and Language Studies and has attended Cesine Centro Universitario Privado from January through May 2020 as part of her university’s exchange program.

Born and raised in Wieringerwaard, Netherlands, Ailish is no stranger to the game. At four years old she began playing football in her hometown on an all-boys team since girls teams didn’t even exist. By the age of thirteen Ailish was competing at a national level in the Dutch league, Hoofdklasse A, one of the highest leagues in the Netherlands, and was eventually invited to join the Royal Dutch Football Association or also known as KNVB. She and her teammates would go on to become champions of the KNVB Cup of the Division West 1, District 1st Class.

Convinced that she was part Spanish as well as Dutch, Ailish would travel often to Spain to spend her summers in Tossa de Mar, swimming in the ocean and playing football. Having some of her fondest memories in Spain as well as the draw of living somewhere where she could enjoy sports, adventure, and be in touch with nature, Ailish decided to move from her native Netherlands to Barcelona and settle in Málaga.

Being an extremely active person, Ailish likes to spend time cycling, running, traveling, and meeting new people. It is no wonder that when she moved to Spain that she began looking for where to play some fun pick-up football matches.

Through her summers in Tossa de Mar, Ailish had made a friend, who unbeknownst to her, was a good friend of Daniel Foth, CEO, and Co-Founder of CeleBreak. The two eventually got a drink together, spoke about life in Spain and all things football which eventually led to Ailish joining the team and helping to expand our operations to Málaga.

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