We are crowdfunding!

Own a part of CeleBreak


We are crowdfunding!

Own a part of CeleBreak

Yohanny Carrasco

Chief of Staff

Yohanny Carrasco is our power-house Chief of Staff in charge of everything from platform implementation to drawing contracts, leading the hiring process of new team members, and occasional fund raising. She works as Daniel Foth’s right hand day-in and day-out to ensure CeleBreak’s success.

Born and raised in El Tigre, Venezuela, Yohanny is currently on sabbatical from studying for her accounting degree. Considered by everyone who knows her as a funny, quiet, passionate yet reserved person, Yohanny is the type of person that is extremely diligent in everything that she does. Her eye for detail is incredibly fine-tuned!

Although she was never a football player, her passion for the game of football goes back to her days in Venezuela, sitting in her living room and watching endless matches with her father. The memories shared around the game are something that she holds near and dear and is also one of the main motivating factors behind her joining the CeleBreak team. For her it’s all about spreading beautiful moments around the game of football and memories that come with it, as a player or spectator.

Now residing in Colombia since early 2020, Yohanny is dedicated to CeleBreak’s success in a full-time capacity and is currently in charge of acquiring and implementing the new communications platforms for the company’s various media channels.

Whatever CeleBreak needs, she’s got the solution!

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CeleBreak plays men’s football, women’s football, and mixed football, on artificial turf, natural turf, and indoor fields. You can join our games individually or with friends.

Don’t worry about anything other than getting to the field ready to play. A CeleBreak host will welcome you and provide balls, bibs, and will take care of giving you the best experience.