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We are crowdfunding!

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Pedro Orenes: CeleBreak Player with Over 1000 Football Games in Barcelona

We are definitely celebrating at CeleBreak. Our company, dedicated to offering the best experience in football and friends in Barcelona, Madrid, and five other cities in Spain and Germany, has just reached an important milestone thanks to one of our users, Pedro Orenes: CeleBreak User with over 1000 football games in Barcelona played to date. This accomplishment deserves a big celebration, of course. Now, let’s meet Pedro and take a closer look to his football in Barcelona history with us.

Pedro Orenes told us in a very entertaining interview on the field with Mikael Alejandro, a frequent collaborator of CeleBreak, that at 52 years old, he maintains a high sports spirit and loves playing football in Barcelona. He doesn’t usually stretch or warm up much before entering the field, but being a constant player keeps him in great physical shape. His record for games played in a single day is seven in total, four at full performance and three playing softer and more cautiously, simply incredible!

Let’s pop up now the big question here… How many games has Pedro Orenes played with CeleBreak? He has played 1009 games to date, a number reached in a total of three consecutive years of football games in Barcelona with us. He joined CeleBreak in mid-2020, just when restrictions for the Covid-19 pandemic were lifted here in Spain, and since then he plays an average of 10 football games with us per week, something that keeps him in great physical condition and with an enviable spirit and mood.

When asked about his favorite football team, he responded: “I used to be fan of Real Madrid during the Zidane era; then Ronaldinho, Messi appeared, and then I supported Barça; now, honestly, it doesn’t matter to me… I don’t like watching football much, I prefer playing it“.

When asked if he has a preferred football player, he said that he really doesn’t have a preference for any of them, adding the following: “I play at the right-side, but when I was young, I played as a winger, I used to be quite fast“.

The energy and sympathy that this admirable CeleBreak player transmits on the football field is magnificent. Those who have shared some of his 1000 games with CeleBreak have commented on their admiration and how pleasant it is to have him on the field, in addition to contributing with his good plays and experience in the sport.

If you also want to experience what it feels like to download the CeleBreak App, find dozens of football games in Barcelona and Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, Sevilla, Munich or Frankfurt, join and play in an organized way without worrying about assembling the necessary teams or getting into troubles about the football field use, meet people and make new friends, do as Pedro and start by clicking here to join us as a CeleBreaker and play with us.

At the end, we can say that Pedro Orenes is a great amateur football player who is constant with his favourite sport, stays in excellent physical shape thanks to it, which undoubtedly has a positive impact on his daily life, and has achieved a new milestone in the history of CeleBreak and his life, 3 years and 1009 football games played in Barcelona thanks to our app, and for that, from CeleBreak, we give him infinite thanks and hope to continue growing and improving every day to offer him, and all our users, the best experience of playing football and making friends. We hope that you, who are reading these words, will also join us and try to reach and break this new record.

Congratulations Pedro! Let’s go for more!

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