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Soccer Teams in Madrid to Practice Football

Soccer Teams in Madrid to Practice Football

Madrid, the heart of Spain, is not only known for its rich history, vibrant nightlife, and extraordinary cuisine but also for its vibrant football culture. If you’re a soccer fan residing in this bustling city looking to take your passion for soccer beyond the stands, there are plenty of soccer teams in Madrid to sign up for.

There are a variety of soccer teams in Madrid that you can join, from the mighty giants of La Liga to local amateur groups and recreational leagues.

Regardless of your skill level or ambitions, you will indeed find an option that allows you to kick the ball and live your love of soccer on the pitch.

So strap on your shin guards, lace up your boots, and prepare for a tour of Madrid’s incredible soccer opportunities.

Reasons to join a soccer team in Madrid

Joining a soccer team in Madrid can be an exciting and beneficial experience for several reasons:

Passion for soccer: Madrid is a city that lives and breathes soccer. By joining a local team, you can share and enjoy this passion with teammates and rivals who have the same love for the sport.

Personal and sports development: By being part of a team, you can improve your soccer skills, learn from experienced coaches, and play competitive matches.

In addition, soccer also teaches you essential values such as teamwork, respect, discipline, and self-improvement.

Health and fitness: Soccer is a complete sport that improves your general physical condition.

It favors cardiovascular resistance, muscular strength, agility, and coordination, among other physical qualities.

Socializing: Joining a soccer team is a great way to meet new people and create lasting friendships.

In the team, you will share with people who have common interests, and you will have unforgettable experiences and moments together.

Community connection: Soccer teams are often rooted in their local communities.

By being part of one, you will not only be playing football but also integrating into the local community and contributing to its cohesion and vitality.

Cultural experience: For foreigners living in Madrid, joining a soccer team can be a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture. Also, practice Spanish and better understand the Spanish idiosyncrasy through soccer.

That said, we present you with different options for soccer teams in Madrid to sign up for, from the most difficult to very easy and fun online options.

The Great Clubs: Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid

For starters, the two giants of Madrid soccer are worth mentioning, although the likelihood that you’ll be able to target them directly is low unless you’re an extremely talented player.

However, these clubs have youth academies and branch teams that you might consider joining.

The Real Madrid Youth Academy

The Real Madrid academy, known as “La Fábrica,” is famous for producing high-level players.

In it, you will be offered comprehensive training, learning to play football with the values of the white club.

If you are young and show potential, you might consider applying for a place at this academy.

Atletico Madrid Academy

Atlético de Madrid also has a highly respected school.

Like Real Madrid, Atleti focuses on developing young players and has produced numerous talents who have gone on to play professionally.

Soccer teams in Madrid to sign up: Semi-professionals and amateurs

While the big clubs are beautiful, there are plenty of other teams in Madrid that you can sign up for that don’t require you to be a soccer prodigy.

Vallecano Ray

Although Rayo Vallecano is a first-division club, it is known for its community focus.

They have teams for minors, cadets, and youth. Also, adult teams take soccer seriously but without the pressure of the big clubs.

You might consider signing up for one of their teams if you want a more relaxed but still competitive experience.

Amateur Teams

In Madrid, numerous amateur teams are looking for players.

Unlike the bigger clubs, these teams are less demanding in skill and time commitment, making them a great option if you are looking to play soccer for fun.

Some examples are the Canillas Sports Club, the Chamartín Vergara Sports Club, and the San Roque Sports Club.

7-a-side soccer and futsal leagues

If you prefer something less formal and more social, we suggest you sign up for a 7-a-side soccer or futsal league.

These leagues usually have matches once a week and are a great way to keep fit and socialize.

Soccer League 7 Madrid

The Liga de Fútbol 7 Madrid is one of the best-known in the city.

Offering several skill-based divisions, you’re sure to find a team that matches your level.

In addition, they organize tournaments and social events regularly. This allows you not only to enjoy football but also to expand your network of contacts.

Futsal League Madrid

The Madrid Futsal League is another popular option, especially if you like fast-paced and technical futsal.

Like Football League 7, several divisions and teams always seek players.

Sign up for a football match in Madrid from an application.

The matches organized by CeleBreak, and offered online through its mobile application, are the easiest and most fun way to find soccer teams in Madrid to sign up.

With various locations and game times, CeleBreak adapts to whatever you’re looking for.

You can choose the matches that best suit your needs and enjoy football when it suits you.

What to do to join a soccer team in Madrid

Now that you have an overview of the soccer teams in Madrid, how do you sign up for one?

Access Tests

You must go through entrance tests for most semi-professional, youth, and amateur teams.

These tests vary from club to club but generally involve demonstrating your soccer skills in a training or match setting.

Contact the club to find out the dates and requirements of the tests.

Direct Enrollment

For 7-a-side soccer and futsal leagues, you can join a team directly or form your own.

Visit the league websites for more information on the registration process for this activity.

Also, you can download the CeleBreak App, register, and start playing soccer in any of the modalities it offers.

Frequently asked questions about soccer teams in Madrid to sign up.

Can I join a soccer team in Madrid if I am not a permanent resident?

Yes, you can join a soccer team in Madrid even if you are not a permanent resident. Many groups accept foreign players. However, you must check the specific requirements of the team you wish to join.

Is it necessary to have previous experience to join a soccer team?

Not necessarily. There is equipment for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced players. However, high-performance or semi-pro teams will likely require some experience and skill.

Are there women’s soccer teams in Madrid to join?

Yes, there are numerous women’s soccer teams in Madrid. From the women’s teams of the big clubs, such as Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, to local teams, recreational leagues, or those organized by CeleBreak.

How much does it cost to join a soccer team in Madrid?

Prices vary depending on the team and the league. Some teams may require a registration fee and monthly payments to cover the costs of training, equipment, and competitions.


Madrid is a vibrant city with a rich football culture, with opportunities for all levels of skill and commitment.

Whether you dream of playing professionally or just want to have fun and keep fit, you will find the perfect team to sign up for in Madrid.

It’s time to put on your boots and start playing! Do not let more time pass; your team is waiting for you.

With CeleBreak, finding soccer teams in Madrid to join is straightforward.

That’s right; it’s as easy as downloading the CeleBreak App, available for phones with iOS and Android operating systems, and signing up.

CeleBreak organizes friendly matches in Madrid throughout the day without the need to meet someone or commit to a team every week.

With CeleBreak, you can play soccer wherever and whenever you want.

You can choose your favorite soccer modality, female, male, or fun mixed soccer matches.

Join a community passionate about soccer and make new friends.

CeleBreak is a meeting point for players of different nationalities and cultures.

Expand your social circle, share your love of soccer, and make lasting connections on and off the pitch.

Download the CeleBreak App and play!

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