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We are crowdfunding!

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Jaume Pons

Customer Service Specialist

Spanish native, Jaume Pons, has been with the CeleBreak team since 2021 as Operations Specialist in Barcelona, our founding city and where we currently host our highest volume of games. He holds a degree in Public Relations from ESRP (Escuela Superior de Relaciones Públicas) and a Master’s in Sports Management Administration from SMS Sports Management School, both in Barcelona, Spain.

Jaume continues to take the lead in various projects such as building relationships with new partners and sponsors, overseeing day to day operations together with our Barcelona City Management team, and coordinating various events that are hosted throughout the year.

Since childhood he’s always been a FC Barcelona fan as you would expect having been born and raised in Barcelona, though he’s also a big supporter of Villareal thanks to players like Forlan and Riquelme. This passion for the game naturally took him to play, mostly futsal, although he enjoys the occasional 11-a-side game since he is, after all, quite a competitive person by his own account, in a healthy way of course!

It was during his studies at SMS working towards his master’s degree that some friends of his told him about CeleBreak and invited him out for a game. He enjoyed playing and connecting with other people from our community so much that he decided to reach out via LinkedIn, and as luck would have it he made an amazing addition to our team and dynamic and helping CeleBreak in our continued mission of connecting people through the game we all love!

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